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How to project aura of coolness?

Alright i know it sounds stupid but i know some people who just seem cool or whatever just like they way they act. I think the other word is confidence.
Any tips on how to project that type of impression. I already know how sorta i guess but im a nervous guy and i think i project restlessness or nervousness to ppl sometimes.


  1. if you are cool you don’t have to do much to try to impress it will make you look fake just relax be confident and smile more.

  2. you must learn to have self confidence, once you have that, you can project coolness or in other words , what coolness really is,. is confidence. and confidence just flows when you are self confident about yourself.

  3. Have radical political ideas, get arrested for them, write a book about your country and how the leaders make it suck, while in jail, get out of jail, take over the country, form a military dictatorship out of it, attack random countries like poland, kill people you dont like in large numbers. Do this along with growing a cool, unique mustache, and NOBODY will question your coolness bro.

  4. One of the main characteristics of cool people is that they never admit that they care about being cool. They never admit that they’re trying. They pretend that it’s just the way they were born, that it doesn’t phase them, that “cool” is just part of who they are.

  5. Well thats because it’s true. This pisses off the non-cool people because they want to be cool but care to much about shit, and so they start causing all kinds of drama cause they weren’t born cool. The inability to just be cool is the essence of all the Earth’s problems. Cool people encounter “problems” and just say “I can handle this. And if I can’t… that’s cool.” Uncool people are always stressed out and are un-accepting of the powers that be. Simple. Buddha was cool. Jesus was cool. And others… James Dean, also.


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