How to prevent sleep paralysis/astral projection?

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So ive not decided wether Im having astral projections or sleep paralysis or both, so anyways I sorta like it but dont at the same time. I can never sleep well and I tend to sleep through to 12pm on weekend and sleep at after 12am on weekdays and weekends. Is this the cause or could it be something else. I dont have narcolepsy or that other one when ur tired.
also I have never hallucinated while paralyzed because I keep my eyes shut so I dont

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mike d

You should go see a doctor about your sleep.

Edicius Winter

Hi. If this can reassure you, you’re not a narcoleptic. This on the other hand, might not make you happy: you can not prevent sleep paralysis, or as you call it, astral projection. Sleep paralysis is when you brain has almost reached its resting stage. Its a phase where you are resting, but not asleep. Just like R.E.M. sleep (rapid eye movement) is the stage where you dream, sleep paralysis is the stage previous to this one. Simply put, you’re experiencing light sleep and not deep sleep. Part of your brain is resting, while the other is still awake. This was known, back in the 18th century as being visited by a “night witch”, or more recently “being visited by aliens”. The part of your brain that is still awake can only partially process information perceived by your eyes (which are still opened), as the other part of your brain is resting. For example: a moving shadow from a car is interpreted as a person…
If this is is concern, especially if you don’t enter REM sleep, contact your health care professional.


Sleep paralysis has been going on forever, there’s no known cure.
It happens in every culture in every country and to both men and women.
Prescription sleep medication can help keep you asleep through the night. But if you like the way things are going, you don’t have to get medication.


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