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How to prevent a Psychic Attack?

Once in a while I get this spirit that wants to enter my body or make me think compulsively about something negative. How can I prevent this from happening. Is there a biological explanation for this, what kind of medicines can I take. On the spiritual view what things can I do to prevent this


  1. What you are describing sounds like schizophrenia, which would be the biological explanation. See a psychiatrist

  2. This is very limited information, but I am sure Homeopathy has an answer to it. But you have to give details of feelings, imaginations, timings, periodicity and all that. Always consider, Body, mind and soul.. is a single unit .. in unity called a person, and it does have effect in union everywhere.. positive or negative.

  3. surround yourself with positive people – start acknowledging the beauty in your life – or even things that are all right – this is called displacement – replace negative with positive.
    go to some faith based or spiritual place connect with people with your problem – talk about it – share it – share coping strategies.
    what you are experiencing more then anything is fear – you need to work thru this with a shrink and or people struggling with similar problems – watch people you admire – acknowledge that which is positive in them – honor that which is positive in your.


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