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How to practice chakra?

I learn that chakra is an meditation, but are there any exercise that is related to chakra? Or is chakra a pure stand alone meditation? I search the library but there are only 1 book about chakra is found..


  1. research reki and yoga. just stand with your legs apart and your hands up. make the letter x. okay… now think of a circle or a bubble around you… go to the center (should be 2 inches below your belly button) that is where you have the most life force (also a place of all future life) now think of that as the root of a tree… the top chakra is on your forehead. there are many in between. ive heard that all disease is caused by a persons energy pathways are blocked….

  2. you can buy crystals which represent different chakra, they are said to balance the chakras. you could also research colour therapy where certain colours have different effects and on the
    way people perceive you. hope this helps

  3. Chakra is not a meditation. Chakras are energy centers at certain points throughout the body that are thought to control certain aspects of your body. For example, the first chakra, in the groin, controls survival and tribal issues, the second chakra, two inches below the naval, controls money, power, status, and relationship control issues, the fifth chakra is in the neck region and controls will and self-expression.
    People who believe in chakras and their power believe that when your chakras are clogged and out of alignment you experience pain and illness in that part of the body. For example, if you are not expressing something you need to say, you may experience a sore throat or other neck/throat pain (fifth chakra — will and self-expression). If your chakras are not aligned you may also more generally feel unwell and unhappy. Meditation, especially guided meditation where you focus on removing impurities from your body, can align your chakras and improve your general well-being and mood. Tai chi, which focuses on improving the flow of chi (the life force connecting all things) through the body, also can help align the chakras. Furthermore, simple awareness of the chakras by resolving issues in your life and approaching the world with love and compassion rather than self-absorbtion and greed will serve to bring your chakras into alignment.


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