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How to overcome self-consciousness with my hair color?

I’m a guy and I have strawberry blondish hair mixed with brown. It’s weird. During the night time it looks blondish and brownish but during the day it will look red and brown and blonde mixed.
I sometimes avoid going out in the sun because of the color and I wear certain style clothes to not make it look as red. I avoid being under light to expose it.
It really is sad. Like I want to dye it to brown but it seems weird asking my mom and having people know I dyed it.


  1. Dude your putting way too much emphasis on the hair.You seem overly self conscience about your own appearance. I think it is weird to enlist mom, Dude. Try not to spend as much time in front of the mirror Hope this helps

  2. Your hair sounds amazing! But I understand the issue. My sister has beautiful auburn hair. Everyone adores it; however, she’s always despised it.
    Anyway, talk to your mom about dying it. It’s not weird. I’ve both bleached and dyed my kids hair a few times as a fun or reward. The youngest was 9. If you’re concerned about people knowing, you can find a color that matches yours and each time you have to touch up, go one shade off. Or you can just go brown at one time and tell people you wanted a change.

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