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how to overcome my greatest weakness?

i’m hoping to get help on how to deal with this,i’ve been on a spiritual awakening kinda journey.in the past year i’ve learned to disattach myself from almost everything but the one thing i cant seem to let go is the need for intimacy in my life.somehow i dont feel threatened by losing anything in my life in any way but the thought that i may never find someone to share life with kills me.i feel embarassed asking this but i’m sick of going in circles.how do i just let go,let live and be ok with the fact that i may die alone?


  1. Pray and trust in God… He has a funny way of using people’s weakness and turning it into a strength. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God

  2. You will never be able to overcome the human weakness/trait of desiring to be close to another human. It is a fundamental principle no one but an extremely introverted and antisocial person could even hope to attain it.
    The bottom line is you need some amount human interaction in order to be happy. Some need more and some need less.

  3. You would not have posted this question if you wanted to die alone. You are just trying to convince yourself it is a weakness. Once you have convinced yourself, then you will justify your next move which is to live alone for the rest of your life in fulfillment of your vision.

  4. well see the reason u feel like that is because our species is pretty much socially lived, thats why when we do something bad or commit a crime what do they do? they put us away and alone. what u need is to go out, and live life, stop thinking about the stuff that COULD happen, and MAKE stuff HAPPEN. people always have a hard time starting something new, because it is out of the ordinary or something they are not used to, but once the balls gets rolling its very easy. its all about habits and forming habits. i had this fear before too, and what i did, is become extreme social, and just lived life. LIFE is very short and should never be wasted thinking what if. it should be USED to the fullest and by the time u are ready to die, u would die happy and tired from a looooooong and enjoyed life 🙂

  5. It’s almost impossible, if not impossible to get rid of that. It’s a part of us like eating or sleeping. Perhaps, instead of getting rid of it, you can try to manage it.

  6. continue to seek God’s help but don’t expect some great Epiphany just with his help take one day at a time. don’t try to live all of your future at once someone said “time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once i have to remind myself of that frequently. Read Matthew 6:25-34 maybe this will help

  7. Please do not try to think of your desire and ability to share life with another person of your choosing as a weakness. It is an ability that includes great potential for good and happiness. What resources have you applied in order to satisfy this desire? There are a thousand other people, nearby, with feelings similar to your own. Don’t leave one of them in your unhappy state just because you didn’t work to find them. No one gets to pick their relatives, but each of us gets to pick one special person to share our life with. Do what it takes to find that person.

    John Popelish


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