How to open you're Third Eye!!!!!?





also does you’re third eye have to be open for you to do “Remote viewing” aka “Clairvoyance”


  1. well the only way you can do remote viewing is if you are a psychic as in seeing and speaking to spirits or see or predict the future. I am a natural psychic and i am still working on remote viewing it is very hard but as you do it it gets easier, first you must clear your mind comletely! and imagin the area or areas you want to see, then you will see the image of the area you are trying to see, it is very complicated though, and again u must be a psychic to do this! please email me with any questions i’ll be glad to help=]

  2. Hi Lola, there are many ways to open up your third eye. You don’t have to open it directly though. When you are practicing techniques for remote viewing (not the same thing as clairvoyance) you are exercising your third eye. When you attempt to give yourself a reading or you try to send someone else a thought or try to pick up on their feelings, you are opening up your third eye, you are exercising it. So basically, when you focus on things that have to do with psychic capabilities, you are automatically encouraging your third eye to open up. Think of it as a spiritual muscle.
    The third eye is a chakra. Chakras are energy centers that are in the body. Here is a chart:
    You can stimulate the third eye by rubbing the area on your forehead that is right above the space between your eyes. Rub gently in a clockwise motion and visualize an indigo colored ball spinning. You can visualize your third eye chakra spinning without actually rubbing that space as well. Some people like to put essential oil there to stimulate the chakra.
    Clairvoyance is a particular psychic ability. You can read about it here:
    If you scroll down to the bottom, you will find the other “clairs”.
    Remote viewing is being able to locate an object using psychic capabilities:
    Using clairvoyance is one psychic capability that a person might use when attempting to remote view something but it isn’t the only one. Some people can *feel* where something is and those feelings are translated into images in their mind.

  3. I did a simple bing search on the term “How to open your third eye,” and got a whole lot of good links. You and others can explore them. The third eye is one of the five chakras in your body which has to do with seeing and perception (not surprising). I’m not a big fan of chakras personally, but they work for a lot of people.
    I can’t give you any specific how to guide. It helps to look at people and things and try to quiet your mind completely. if you can do this, you should be able to perceive things which are not visible to your other two eyes. But again, the whole third eye thing is not my thing.
    Good luck.

  4. I strongly believe that a person either has it or then don’t have it.
    My third eye was more powerful when I had young children and also when I have little to think about. So, the busier I am the less open to my ESP.
    When I make up my mind to pay attention to my third eye I quiet myself and meditate.
    Some people might try and they will never have it. Others don’t want it and they have it.

  5. Practice Exercises To Open Your Third Eye:
    Close your eyes. Using your index finger, touch the spot just above the area between your physical eyes. This is the location of your third eye. Push your finger up gently, as if prying the eyelid open.
    Practice seeing colors. Focus on the screen behind your closed eyes. Your third eye will begin to open and you will see a color. When you do, stop to rest.
    Close your eyes and mentally ask your spirit guides for any messages they may have for you. Watch for any images that may appear. Then stop to figure out the message behind what you have seen.
    Use your third eye to try remote viewing. Close your eyes, slow your breathing and let your mind wander into outer space. You may see elements of the Solar system. Take notes.

  6. Mammals and birds don’t have a third eye, even if you happen to be a reptile the parietal organ is only good for sensing light not doing the impossible – such as remote viewing.
    People that claim to be opening their third eye are just making stuff up.

  7. For me it opens usually when Spirit or ghost come near me, even when I sleep, I can see them in the room and what they are doing if they come near, I am aware of it, and I could read their thoughts too.
    It usually happens unwillingly, with spirits or visions and dreams that come true.

  8. The third eye is your mind, not a litteral eye. To open it you should look at all possibilities and pick the most probable to be true, but don’t completely discard the other possible outcomes.
    Usually when people tell you to open your mind, and use the term third eye, what they really mean is to believe blindly in the least likely of scenerios. Don’t trust people who use the term “Third Eye” as they are almost always either lying to you or have been mislead themselves.

  9. The only way to do that is either have one surgically implanted or simply draw one on your head. You don’t currently have a third eye. It’s just an expression, not a real thing. And it’s an expression expressing a superstition, because remote viewing and clairvoyance don’t exist either. No one has ever been able to show they work – and if they did, it would be very easy to prove.

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