how to open your chakras?

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i took a test and it said my root, sacral, and heart chakra was under active at first i wasn’t sure but once i read what they mean i realized it was true what exercises can I do to fully open these chakras?

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Primordius Drool

Get a Ronco EZ-Open Chakra Opener.
It also sharpens knives.


Use the little handle on the chakra, thats what i normally do.

Kristy B

meditation and proper diet and yoga practice 🙂
theres tons of info out there on the web

Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))

chakras are energy points in the body
they each rotate at different speeds
they relate to sound and colour ( among other things )
so finding the related sound and colour and meditating on them helps to balance our chakras
i found this site for you … it has easy info on it to follow and help you

Glitter Girl

Picture those chakras in your mind, start spinning them in a clock wise manner, making them brighter and faster, send energy to those areas and work on those issue in your life why you may have blockages.
You can do this on a daily basis to keep all of them open.


the easiest way is with music and meditation


its as simple or as difficult as you make it. the only thing standing between you and yourself is you 🙂
you can either work internally or externally, whichever suits you best. with the first chakra, it focuses on your immediate means and support system, so realizing more fully what you depend on and how you use your environment to survive in your daily life might be an external way of approaching this chakra. internally, meditating on the supports and foundations of your mind while trying to reside in the base of your spine could be one way. with the second and fourth chakras, you can look at your external relationships with others particularly emotionally, and realize what parts of those relationships come from you and what parts are from the others involved as you go through the day. internally, meditating on personal sexual energy independent of others involvement while focusing on the lower abdomen, and meditating on your love while focusing on the heart would be ways to approach the 2nd and 4th chakras respectively.
the others are right, there are many good books out there for help. one of the cornerstone books for chakras if youre interested in studying them more deeply is “Chakras: energy centers of transformation” by Harish Johari. this book is a classic and has just about everything you could want to know about chakras. it has helped me a whole lot.
link below 🙂 and good luck!


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