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How to open up your third eye?

I already asked this question but didn’t get many answers and I think i chose the wrong category. So here it goes. This is very difficult for me. I’m only 16. I’m guessing that my chakra’s aren’t opened and balanced. I tried meditating but its so hard to relax. Any suggestions or techniques?


  1. It seems that the human mind is a lot like the body in the sense that it takes
    a certain amount of developmental time for it to reach certain levels;
    you didn’t run before you could crawl.
    Thus, you’ll just have to be patient and persistent.
    Some one once suggest to read the book of mormon,
    and other books. The sum of existence is truth.
    Let’s do the right things for the right reasons.

  2. If you will take a look at my website there is an easy meditation you can do and also meditation videos and a short video to open your third eye which should be done each morning.
    Meditation is the absolute best way to open your third eye. If you have trouble relaxing, start with 5 minutes a day and slowly work your way up. It gets easier with practice.
    My website also has chakra balancing information.
    Best wishes,

  3. i really try to open my third eye but it really does not work i tried lots of stuff and got lots of wrong things but if you know any way that you can help please send me a message p.s. im only 13 fofeyflowers@yahoo.com plzz ireally wanna be phycic


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