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Ms. Taurus



Purity. There are no secrets where there is love.

Bear Ath

Go see your trioptometrist.

greg h

Close the other two.
Confucius says do not open the third eye unless the other two are closed.


i’m sorry, but cool b, that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard.

that being said, let’s move on to your third eye. your third eye is acheivable through meditation. it’s a state of inner enlightenment. find whatever centers you. you may not be able to attain clairvoyance right away (if at all) but the meditation will do your body good!


This is the most effective way I have found to do it. Make a random seal (usually a hexagram) Fill in all the spaces with whatever you think fits and add anything else you feel you should do (because you should) If your Luciferian or Satanic you should meditate and say one of these to saying outloud to yourself 1: ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANADA ZAZAS 2: SAZAZ SAZAZ ADANATASAN SAZAZ Just say whichever one you think you should use P.S. If ur not Luciferian or Satanist don’t even try this. oh and one last by the way to Anti-Luciferians. Even in… Read more »


There is no 3rd eye

cool b

The third eye…you are dealing with satan. He will show you miraculous things and then lead you to hell. You don’t want to go there. Turn to Jesus Christ, He loves you and does not want you to perish. Edit: Look at Moomona’s comments. Need I say anymore who you are dealing with? You have been warned. Edit: Stepget: You are going to enlighten youself to hell. That is the catch phrase that is going on now days; inner enlightenment. The two phrases that the antichrist will use are enlightenment and tolerance, you are falling into the trap. All the… Read more »


I know one way is through intense meditation.

Sin 'jari

Oh man… I hope you don’t mean what it sounds like you mean…


Stop trying to cover it up. Your friends and family should love you for who you are.

eric k: freezer burned atheist

I could, but it’s just too easy.

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