How to open the eight inner gates?

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I am serious about this I want to know from someone who literally knows if they are real and how to open them. I want to know how to open them starting from the first and how will i recognize when they are open. I understand all the chakra stuff and did all of that but I want to know how to open any of the eight celestial or inner gates i.e. such as from naruto… no im not a kid and i know the effects in real life will not be like in the show but i think they are real and if they truly are can someone tell me how to open them

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Lots and lots of meditating, you know your meditating properly when you are thinking about nothing and only hear silence


First, let’s look at the gates themselves. First, the Kaimon, Release Gate. The principle of this gate is to limit your perception of the world and yourself. By allowing preconceptions about life and death to be released from us, we allow the lock on our subconscious mind to be free.


Let go of your predetermined view on the world. Allow your mind to be expanded and let your consciousness become enhanced. See the world for what it is, not what it could be, or what it has been. Allow your heart to connect with the universe, and let the cosmic power flow through you.


Where did you find out how to open the gates?

Luke Mathieson

I can open 5 gates , i cant use the primary lotus or the hidden lotus but i can open the gates up to the fifth gate , The gate of closing


This shit is lying
He can’t open the 5 gate


I open the fourth inner gate the gate of pain because i tore some of my mussel tore


To be truthful I think that your body has to connect to the world by getting really pissed off and letting your body move with little to no thought.


Eight Gates don’t exist in real life, but there is something called the Seven Gates, you have Seven Chakra’s in your body, if you open them, you see things in a whole new perspective. Here are the chakra’s; Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Throat, Crown, Sacral. Open all of these chakra’s and do a lot of meditating and intense fitness, You will have opened the gates, (you will be able to see 5th dimensional, You will be able to astral project, a lot of different “powers” The only problem is, Fatigue, you will feel drained after 5 minutes, practice opening them and it will take longer to feel fatigue.)


I dont know, ask Rock Lee or Guy Sensei…


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