How to open the chakra holes?

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those are not holes…lol
Every human has 7 main chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.
You can open them using meditation or if you have a friend which does reiki…tell him to help you.There are different ways too:you have to imagine a ball of light in the colour of the chakra in the area where your closed chakra is.(Eg: root chakra – red ball, third eye – violet ball).
Hope this helps! 🙂


the guy up me is right. they’re not holes. the methods you can try is yogic practice, or research and be more open-minded.

Angie N

The answers are within yourself my friend.

wize woman

Contrary to popular point of view, a chakra is a naturally open energy center (not a hole) thus we need to do nothing to artificially open it; however, the idea is to keep it clean=free from the blocking issues. A meditation or day-dreaming on the removal of the energy blocking issues is the most natural way of keeping your chakras open. I hope it helps.


The Chakra has no holes they can be blocked by emotional Stress Meditation of the Chakra’s will help to unblock them
Chakra’s are a core belief of yoga, and have been incorporated into many different new age practices. The Chakra system was first developed in India in the middle ages. The word “Chakra” is a sanskrit word meaning wheel.
The major Chakra’s are located along the spinal column of the body and each is traditionally represented by a different colour of the rainbow – starting with red at the bottom up to violet on the crown.
Each Chakra location represents different emotions and feelings.
Ideally all the Chakra’s should be balanced – open and spinning at a similar rate to each other. Most of us however have some Chakras which are overactive and others that are closed down or underactive.
First Chakra: Root
Colour: Red
Governs survival instincts, physical functions, sense of groundedness
Signs of imbalance include constipation, obesity, leg or knee problems
Second Chakra: Sacral
Colour: Orange
Governs sexuality, emotion, nurturing instincts, creativity
Signs of imbalance include low-back pain, reproductive issues, bladder or kidney troubles
Third Chakra: Solar Plexus
Colour: Yellow
Governs will, drive, ego, control, freedom, metabolism
Signs of imbalance include ulcers, digestive disorders, liver and gallbladder ailments, diabetes
Fourth Chakra: Heart
Colour: Green
Governs love, compassion, relationships
Signs of imbalance are heart disease, high blood pressure
Fifth Chakra: Throat
Colour: Blue
Governs communication, creativity, self-expression
Signs of imbalance include sore throat, laryngitis, thyroid imbalance, respiratory and/or hearing problems
Sixth Chakra: Brow
Colour: Indigo
Governs intuition, thought, psychic awareness, dreams, visions
Signs of imbalance include headaches, problems with the nervous system
Seventh Chakra: Crown
Colour: Violet
Governs cosmic consciousness, spirituality, wisdom, universal truth
Signs of imbalance include confusion, depression, inability to learn
Love & Blessings


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