How to open sacral chakra completely?

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My sacral chakra is very low. It is open only 6% how can open it. Can sacral chakra open completly through having sexual acitivity or is there any other way. Please help me.

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I’m not an expert but I would think that hip opening poses in yoga would help open the sacral chakra. The camel pose might also be good. This chakra also vibrates to the color orange…maybe wear orange undies.

Sadhara Satguru

To have a total of 6% means a computer generated program has been used – take no notice of them!
Just gently meditate upon all of your chakras, they will find their own balance. They do not need our intervention, they all worked very well before you new they existed didnt they?


Meditation on the chakra is what will allow it to open. Stretching while in a meditative state might also help. Yoga or Tai-Chi are great to use while in a medatative state. I also like to use the Kuji-In (ancient hand postures to go along with the chakras) In using the Kuji-In while mediating on the chakra you create a neural connection to the hand posture and the medatative state. The next step is to use the hand meditation (Kuji-In) to invoke the state anytime you want. The final step is then to be able to simply think of the hand posture to invoke the state of meditation. This is really the first form of Neuro-Linguistic programming and will help you to achieve the state of meditation easily after you practice for awhile. Ninjutsu Practioners or Ninja regularly use the Kuji in for meditation.


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