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How to: Old Hag Syndrome?

Now, I’m sure most of you will think this sounds insane and for the most part, I am.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to experience the old hag syndrome?
I addressed how uncommon the issue sounded in the first sentence of my question that comprised of only two lines and I would appreciate it if rather than dictating you would accept that you are not in my life and do not understand my reasoning.
There is similarly a reason why I kept the question as small as possible and I assure you that I am doing this out of the best intentions.
Also, to the individual who addressed the “cool” aspect: Where did you get that notion from, really?
For the spiritual answers: There’s a reason why I haven’t ever had it before.
For the scientific answers: There’s a reason why I haven’t ever had it before.
For all answers: There’s a reason why I’m looking to experience it and it is not for want to scare myself, not for some psychotic death wish or any form of peer pressure. My intentions are morally based and while I doubt I will ever experience the old hag, I understand there are reasons why this is so, reasons of character that are beyond my control.


  1. The “Old Hag” theory is said to of originated in Nova Scotia and it is another term for what many experience as “Sleep Paralysis”. It is a very real occurrence and happens from time to time to individuals and it can be a frightening experience. Usually those who do experience it are very exhausted and are sleeping on their backs, It takes you by surprise and can render you powerless. It is more or less a waking dream where you dream with your eyes open. You have difficulty speaking, moving and at times you have the sense that there is a presence in the room with you . There is a very good book by David J, Hufford called “The Terror That Comes In The Night”. he explains the Old Hag theory in great detail as well as other traditions. On how to tell you how to have this experience is difficult. It just happens without notice but it helps to be really tired. Good luck.

  2. OMG NOOOO You do not want this! I suffered from Sleep Paralysis every day for about 5 years. It’s the scariest sh*t ever! I heard voices, loud buzzing/humming, floating out of my body. I wished every night that I wouldn’t get it!!! Finally it’s gone away I think!!!!
    SLEEP ON YOUR BACK if you want it easier. 80% of the time I had, I was sleeping on my back.

  3. Trust me its not something you want to experience. It’s being trapped in your body wanting to move and can’t. You know your awakke but your still asleep and its is automatically scary. Each and every time it feels like somethings about to get you and your powerless, not a good feeling.

  4. I agree with Sarah, it’s not something you want to try. It’s not a ‘cool’ experience. Watching a horror movie is fun, but experiencing it isn’t. Plus, I don’t think the experience would be as cool as you think it is. When I had it, I felt people holding me down, and saw shadow people out of the corner of my eyes.
    Anyway, I’m not sure you can make it happen. Sleep paralysis is basically a sleep disorder. You can probably do alot of thing to disrupt your sleeping patterns without getting the desired results. There are alot of factors involved, and not all easily duplicated, ie stress. You could do alot to stress yourself out causing some minor health and mental problems without having Old Hag Syndrome. What might be easier is to learn lucid dreaming. I’ve only done that 2 or 3 times, and I woke up shortly after. However I heard alot of people can practice and learn to control their dreams to a small extent.

  5. Sleep paralysis is NOT something you want to experience. Granted its not life threatening but does feel it. It tends to happen when you wake up from the deepest part of sleep and the brain cant seem to get the signals out to move fast enough. I had a bout and I thought it was literally my last moments of life. My mind was clear but nothing would move and I couldn’t make a noise. I agree w/ the other poster on this one about not wanting to have it. Like most folk lore the name stems from stories, and in this case is one that was used to explain a medical thing that even today isn’t fully understood.


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