Home Discussion Forum How to neutralize the effect of PSYCHOTRONIC waves?

How to neutralize the effect of PSYCHOTRONIC waves?

How to neutralize the effect of PSYCHOTRONIC waves / electromagnetic waves on the human body?


  1. Don’t worry, the midichlorians protect you from the psychotronic waves.
    As for the EM waves, I just suggested to a questioner that she make herself a little cage out of chicken wire that she could walk around in that would protect her against wavelengths greater than a cm or so. If you wanted to be good against gamma rays, you’d need a solid lead box of some thickness (depending on the intensity of the rays).

  2. Hire a PSYCHIATRIST and continue the prescribed treatments until the symptoms disappear and immunity is established and such worries disappear. BTW, EM waves will always affect the human body, but the body is well adapted to the typical levels present in terrestial environments. All EM waves shorter than light (IR, heat, cell phone signal, radio, etc.) stop at the first few layers of skin (hence the sunburn).

  3. heavy duty tin foil should do the trick. Shiny side out to increase reflectivity. Also mirrored sunglasses. The eyes are often overlooked when one shields one’s self from these waves. Remember your eyes are pretty sensitive and have receptors in them that can easily recieve wavelengths beyond visible range. Glasses should help this. lLining your living spaces with lead is extremly helpful. You may remember that during the 50’s and 60’s most paint’s were lead based. This was by no mistake. It was designed to be Psychotronic wave deflection. Another way is to mentally direct your own EM away from your body. Take practice but can be done.

  4. Actually, psychotronics and electromagnetic manipulation of the brain, body chemistry, and function is a reality, a true phenomena. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of targeted individuals, TIs, in the U.S.A. alone, many more TIs around the world. Yes, indeed, psychotronic wave technology is being used today to conduct human experimentation by remote means. It is a given fact that RF energy at a given frequency and power level can cause the brain to dump neurotransmitters into the system; thus, indirectly manipulating one’s state of consciousness and functionality. As for hearing voices, tones, and unusual sounds, recently Sound Spot Light technology has demonstrated that voice can be projected remotely over distant into a single person’s head, even when surrounded by other people, using a type of ultrasonic sound projection, but cannot penetrate walls; microwave technology can be used to do the same thing, but can penetrate walls. See: Microwaves and Behavior, at <http://www.raven1.net/v2succes.htm> . It is a fact that researchers are using devices which generate a highly focused magnetic field to induce altered states of consciousness in test subjects, ranging from heavenly to, ghostly and hellish. During testing phase, test subjects truly believe that their expereinces are very real ones. Altered states of consciousness and biochemical function can be achieved by remote means.
    I have personally interviewed a number of TIs and evaluated tape recordings, video recordings, evaluated some physical evidence that was pretty remarkable. And, I have used standard audio/video recording techniques to “capture” remotely generated projected sound effects. I have used ultrasonic transducers to detect actual projected energy fields and mechanical pressures and forces, all of which has no natural points of origin. These are true 3D projected effects. I have used an oscilloscope to display the wave forms from these projected 3D forms of energy. Instruments and transducer/detecters don’ lie.
    Now, given that, there are only two possibilities: 1. many hunrders of people in the US alone, with many more around the world, are all suffering some strange form of mental illness, or; 2. there does exists classified technology that goes well beyond the cause-and-effect of radio signals to project intelligent forms of energy and manipulate people’s body chemistry and minds.
    If the condition for 1 is true, then the scientific and medical community has a moral obligation, I feel, to study the phenomena and explain how it is that hundreds, if not thousands, of human being around the world can be suffering the same type of mental illness, and suffering the “exact” same symptoms and effects. It is, in my opinion, immoral to simply ignore such a large population of human beings’s cry for assistance.
    If 2. is correct, then society also has a moral obligation to find out exactly what is going on. How can such a large population of people around the world be experiencing the very same biological and psychological effects over an extended period of years to decades? Society has, in my opinion, an obligation to at least listen to the testimony and fairly evalute the evidence and consider the possibility that these targeted individuals, TIs, are not nut cases but are indeed exactly what they claim to be, victims of mind manipulating classified technology.
    For example, see: On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology <http://www.btinternet.com/~psycho_social/Vol3/JPSS-CS2.html>
    Either way, it is a moral shame that society would ignore TIs and turn them away without serously listening to these people and carefully evauated their evidence. If, and when, that is done, the world will be in for a rude-awakening, in my opinion.

  5. Hello bob, I am a target individual and so is my family. i am of the aware type of target individual and my family is of the unaware type . I firmly believe that i am a victim of gang stalking. i also believe that i know of at least 1 of the persons doing this. Can you give some information on how to stop the vibrations, voices, pain and ringing in the ears and the headaches, just to name a few. i am losing the trust of my family.


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