how to meditate sum say get conscious of the point b/w two breath ?

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please sum body explain the art .
bhudist say while u breath think of its being exhales frm two inches lower ur naval
and sum say there are chakra meditations
sum say this point conscious is in the third chakra

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The whole idea is to stop the mind from thinking.
Put attention on the breathing.
When breath comes in – know that it is coming in.
When breath goes out – know that it is going out.
When it stops – know that it stops.
All the while keep an eye on mind also, do not allow it to think.
If mind starts thinking , do not feel like a failure. Know that mind has distracted because it is its nature. Then again start watching your breath as before.
When mind stops completely for longer periods you may start experiencing supernatural. But it happens only if you are following celibacy & also non-violence, truth, no-intoxication, non-stealing etc. good virtues because these help to make mind still.
Good wishes.


I generally use chakra meditation. Not sure what you actually said cause I can’t read your typing. But from what I can understand, when they say you exhale from two inches lower then your navel, thats becasue when yo breathe in properly your entire stomach should move,, not your shoulders. and your stomach reaches to about two inches below you navel. Chakra points are at the top of your head, your forehead, between your collar bones, chest, above your navel, below your navel and where your body touches the ground when sitting(a little frther forward then you butt)
Third chakra is just above your navel. If your using these to meditate, you usually imagine each point a s a coloured ball of light. For me the bottom one is black the red gold green blue purple white at the top. Imagine each one in turn starting at the bottom. You should imagine each one glowing brighter and spinning. If there are any dark parts or ‘jjunk’ in it, get rid of it by removing it and sinking it into the ground. When they’re all open, imagine them blending together to form a white light. then close you chakras. I do this by stopping the spinning and then you’re done.
Thats how I do it anyway and it works for me
Hope this helped. Wasn’t sure what you were asking though but I think this was right


Meditate on proper grammar and spelling.


I prefer a very simple, yet powerful meditation covered in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ in the Other Work section of
Also of possible interest is a 15-minute podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) on the same site under Podcasts (OOM).
~ Eric Putkonen

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Sahil
There are many many meditation methods, from breath to candle to chant to walking.
It is hard to say what is right for you, have a search of the net or buy a book on meditation basics as that will get you started, worry about some of the deeper methods once you have found your feet.


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