how to meditate? I get the breathing all wrong.My brain screams at me for lack of air while deep breathing.?





and to top it all off, my feet fall asleep and I get sleepy and I cna’t relax enough to allow the deep mental state needed to meditate.
I tried to do so ,and now all I am now is realllly sleepy.
I am trying to open the third eye. I know I need to open the heart chakra, but is is really about the chakras?
I just want the third eye open. Is it necessary to open the heart chakra too?
Does one need to meditate to open the third eye? How do you know you are doing this meditation thing correctly?
And how can I “get comfy” when my back hurts from sitting cross-legged,and my feet fall asleep?
The reason for the third eye? My reasons.
Too d*mn frustrated to meditate.
Is it normal to get verry sleepy afterwards and to be disoriented and groggy after attempting to meditate?


  1. There are a lot of good sites you can google and go to for help if you find it is reading you need.
    I use my own body and to get past the hurt in my back, I lay on my back, with my knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
    I cross my arms over my chest, and then relax as I rub my chest and slip my hands back to each side and then up to my temples.
    I have found that I’m all most asleep, but fully relax when rubbing my temples with my thumbs. This is when I see with the third eye, with both eyes closed. It is a picture like a camera would take, but a moving picture of time and space. Events in my past and in my future come to me with just a little focus on my part I can direct where I go and traveling like this doesn’t wear me out, in fact when I awake I fell totally refreshed, and this state has lasted for only 30 Min’s. or so, but it like a 8 hour nap in a feather bed.
    I hope this helps you to find your way, and to find peace with your self in the past and future, it has for me.

  2. Buddhist Meditation think the empty place the right hand on the left and turn the fingers thumbs. Meditation Hindu believe in God and their Divinities focus on a mantra of your choice. Meditation practice imagine a light in his forehead third eye and that light can move to balance the other chakras in your body … Ax??, much peace and bright.

  3. Okay, it seems you are assuming that there is only one way to meditate here, and it seems you’re not comfortable with it. There are tons of ways you can meditate which help to focus your mind, and in that, you can work on your chakras.
    Yes, if you are going to work on opening one chakra, you should work on all of them, so that there is no blocked/unwanted energy in any area of your body – this will help you better to achieve your goal of opening the third eye.
    Meditation helps a lot with this. But you don’t have to sit on the floor with no support cross legged in order to meditate. And you can just breathe at a normal steady pace. Focusing in on your breathing is just one rhythm to focus on, but if focusing on it disrupts your breathing rhythm, then utilize something else to focus on. Use an ocean waves CD, or a candle flame, or a water fountain, or something like that. Sit in a comfy chair if you like, but just try to maintain good posture while meditating – having a bit of back support is fine. You may want to get some guided meditation CD’s to help you learn – that way someone else is talking you through a meditation rather than you having to focus on your posture, breathing, and figuring out what to meditate on as well. Affirm your intentions before meditation sessions that you are doing so in order to open your chakras, to release any energy that does not serve you well, etc.
    In actuality, you can take any activity you like and turn it into a form of meditation. I like to color mandalas in the early morning sun – I have a mandala book that has different mandalas associated with each chakra – I color from the inside out using different shades of the color associated with that chakra to help open it. With this activity I am able to tune out the rest of the world around me for awhile and focus on the inner me – that is one way I meditate.
    My boyfriend is a cyclist…he takes early morning bike rides around the country roads in our area, maintains steady pedaling and breathing, and opens all his senses to the natural world around him – how the air feels and smells, what he hears like the breeze blowing through the trees and the birds singing, what colors he sees, etc. That is his form of meditation.
    Some people use an exercise like yoga or tai chi.
    You just need to find what types of meditations and inner-self exercises/activities work best for you.

  4. You need to find somewhere you are not going to be disturbed for at least an hour. If you plan to meditate then it works much better. First of all breath normally and don’t think at all. Not thinking is a tall order and hard to achieve, give yourself a chance. 🙂
    After about 10 mins when you are completely relaxed. Breath deeper to a count of 3 or 4, hold it in to a count of 3 or 4, and then release it to a count of 3 or 4. If you cant manage 3, start on a 2 count and work you way up. It is not slowing you breathing down so much as making you breath deeper so you don’t need to breath so often. If you are panicking through lack of air, its because you are not breathing deeply enough.
    Don’t worry about what is going on in your head to start with, get the breathing part down first, then the mind thing will follow. It does take a while to get it right, so don’t beat yourself up over it, give yourself a chance. 🙂
    Use a chair where you are sitting upright, but comfortable.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics .

  5. In terms of breathing you can try something called the “full yogic breath”. I’m not sure if you’ll find info on the web as I had a personal one on one with a yogi who showed me the technique. Always start with breathing into the lower abdomen (the Chinese “Dan Tien”), slowly and easily without forcing, just relaxed. Then start counting slowly on in and out breaths and try to get them to be equal length. The next stage is to breath into the lower abdomen and then fill the lungs slowly upwards from there into the chest and then even into the “shoulders”. The out breath then start with the “deflating” of the shoulders, back down the chest and finally out of the lower abdomen.
    The full yogic breath is a form of Prana-yama and has an incredible purifying effect on bodily function and the mind and is very energising. It’s important to start each time with phase 1 (lower adbomen breathing), followed by phase 2(counting) into phase 3…and then back to phase 2, phase 1 etc each time you do it. Don’t just jump into the full yogic breath. After you master this you can begin the other meditative exercises such as feeling the breath through the nostrils and accompanying visualizations.
    Also use a cushion or rolled up yoga mat under you bum if you’re sitting in the lotus position. Mastering asana is another issue all together. One has to go through some level of physical torture before one feels completely comfortable for extended periods of time.

  6. You need to go into a trance before you can open any chakras, and it’s not a good idea to open one and leave the others blocked. You want them all open so you can have an even balance of energy through your body. Get some good incense or essential oil that you like to put you in a relaxed state. Don’t get super cheap incense, you’ll just feel like you’re suffocating and you won’t accomplish anything.
    I’m not tired after doing meditations, I’m actually really energized, but I do what’s referred to as power meditations. They are much more intense than a regular program.
    The program I use is found here.
    If you want to use it make sure to look through the information side first to get the most out of your meditations. The “hours of the chakras” section is especially important if you’re trying to open any chakra. It’s not crucial to do them at their correct hour, it’s just more effective.

  7. I use the Violet Flame, which is a living magnetic Fire brought to us by the angels… Forget about Chakras
    Simply Visualize yourself inside a purple egg set on Fire… Make sure you are celebate. Eat Light and Healty, go on a fast if you have to. But it is complete EMPTY-ness and SILENCE within that will channel this energy to you. You will definetely feel it within a week.
    This energy helped me see auras and open my third-eye.

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