How to manifest with ease ? Attracting all your heart desires – Sonia Choquette





(sorry for the background sound) Video recorded in Starbucks because of the weather, on St Martins Lane, London.


  1. Awesome video! Thank you so much for this- just what I needed to hear. I hope it reaches a??? million plus. 🙂

  2. This??? is really great. if anyone is interested in the truth of this you will find similar experiences shared by Esther Hicks, Barbara Marciniak, Orin/Daben, Silva manifesting…there is a lot of value in this and if you spend some time on it you will see its true. The biggest problem is our lack of belief in ourselves, not in the process.

  3. This was a reminder to actually do this rather than just say ” I know this already”
    Sonia always hits the nails??? on the head!!!!.
    Thanks Lilou You sure meet a lota cool people.

  4. aw shes such a sweetheart.. i love her (Sonia), she reminds me??? of someone i’ve met before but i can’t put my finger on who

  5. Awesome! This video has inspired me to think of the things I love and start listing them when I feel stressed,embarrassed, angry, or just negative. I just did this and an embarrassing moment that burdened me just drifted away. Being in the present moment is so important, and feeling??? and rejoicing in the great things we have manifested are important as well!

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