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How to manage with the ball of negative energy that forms in my chest and what's to get out?!?!?

If I have an argument or smth, or somebody screams at me, a ball of energy forms, I feel it in my chest, wants to get out, it’s nerve shattering!!!! I either have to HIT, SCREAM or THINK, think is hard in these situations and If I think the energy remains there…….Is there any technique like, I just move the energy to my hands and hit something and everything is fine huh?!?!


  1. You have to accept something if you want to do something about it.
    You are not wrong to feel those feelings, but that’s the way it feels.

  2. Easy Tiger. Sensitivity is a window into insecurity.
    Anger is an emotional response to not getting what you want. You are all emotional… out of balance. The only way to get past this is to give your problem to God and forgive, forgive, forgive those you are trying to make pay for all the bad things that others in your past have done to you.

  3. Try breathing exercises. Breathe slowly through your mouth, being sure to breathe with the stomach, not the chest. (Ever notice that we all breathe through the nose with exaggerated chest motions when really angry?) Visualize that negative energy being carried away a little bit at a time with each exhalation.

  4. ‘ Is there any technique …’
    yes. Mindset. Change your mindset, the way you THINK.
    currently, you’re thinking on a low level … animal = violence
    you gotta train your mind to THINK … no violence, no anger.
    if someone argues with you ie. oppose your view = THINK = it is their RIGHT. Accept it.
    if someone screams at you = THINK = what did you say or do to make another scream at you ?
    you antagonised, you provoke = so you get screamed at, then you retaliate? stupid.
    do not provoke, do not antagonise.
    when someone wants to pick a fight = THINK = no violence, WALK AWAY.
    if you practice THINKING this way, you will never have a problem managing yr anger.
    There is no anger to manage.
    I am a christian.


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