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How to manage with the ball of negative energy that forms in my chest and wants to get out?!?!?

If I have an argument or smth, or somebody screams at me, a ball of energy forms, I feel it in my chest, wants to get out, it’s nerve shattering!!!! I either have to HIT, SCREAM or THINK, think is hard in these situations and If I think the energy remains there…….Is there any technique like, I just move the energy to my hands and hit something and everything is fine huh?!?!


  1. you need anger management.. LOL! ermmm.. when sumone screams or shouts at you let all your energy out by laughing… just laugh! nd keep laughin till it goes away 😀 and it will really p!ss them off too LOL

  2. When the ball of negative energy forms in your chest, then simply chill and smoke a cigarette while sipping a drink of whiskey. It will soon go away and be replaced by the ball of positive energy.

  3. for me I just repeat my inmate number to myself ( as a reminder I don’t want to go back) untill I calm down. other than that I just save it till I get home and go a few rounds with the body bag /speed bag hanging in my den

  4. That ball of energy that you feel is your blood pressure rising in your vena cava. That is the largest vein in your body that runs from your spleen to your aorta. The rise in blood pressure is caused by an influx of adrenalin into your blood stream. You are ready to fight or run, depending on what you good sense dictates. It either case you are pissed off.

  5. Hi, I think I can help you.
    I am currently writing an eBook on how to deal with emotions in stressful and emotion wreaking situations. This trick is not to think about it, don’t try and “let it out”, don’t try to vent and don’t try to move the negative energy. Wow, thats a lot of don’t’s!
    Well lets move onto some management techniques for you. First of all, remember whoever it was that has offended you or whoever is getting you down, don’t let their opinion affect you. If they are getting you down, remember that someone so low, so negative in their own life that they must spread it to you, aren’t people that you should worry about or people you should let yourself get down about.
    When you feel this negative energy try to imagine your mind like a pure stream, and the negative energy can either clog up if you hold onto it, but if you let it go it will flow down stream, away from you, out of your conscious experience.
    Remember, by letting it out or going over it, you’re doing nothing but keeping all those negative emotions in your conscious mind. It is not an easy skill to just “move” past them, but it is possible. Don’t forget that life is what you make it at the end of the day, and you were given the choice or illusion of free will for a reason, because at the end of the day, you can control your actions.
    Remember, stay calm, cooled and relaxed. Avoid saying anything at all. Embrace yourself in all the feelings that you may be experiencing in any moment. All these feelings, as negative as they may seem, it is your perspective of those feelings that is making it them so discomforting.
    Embrace yourself in feeling. Embracing yourself in life. For feeling, being conscious, is life.

  6. I think you’re taking about rage here. I am very familiar with
    its nature. You did an excellent job of verbalizing the process
    of rage in the human psyche. I came across a suggestion for
    changing the way rage plays out in me some years ago. The
    suggestion was to separate the rage into two parts. One, the
    actual feeling of rage. The other, the “list making” I do in my
    mind, to justify the extreme quality of my anger. I practiced
    this for a while and it seemed to help a great deal in limiting
    the power my anger had over me. The author of this suggestion
    also suggested that I accept my anger as a fact of my life and
    that its presence in my mind was all the justification it needed.
    One day, some years later, I found myself in one of those states
    of negative energy you mentioned over an argument I was
    having with someone and it came to me that I was reacting
    normally to my anger. The rage, which was looming in front of
    me, suddenly disappeared. I sat there with tears streaming
    down my face, knowing that I was finally free of the rage.
    I hope this is helpful to you.


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