How to make psychic powers stronger and clearer when getting information?

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V^^V Lady de Lioncourt V^^V

Meditating really helps. Meditation helps open up your crown chakra so you receive psychic stimuli more easily.

Girl Raphael

practice, use the kundaline chakra system and draw down energy from the moon.


Stick your head out the window and make sure the sweet spirits are all listening,


a true.psychic who is using her psychic skills with authenticity will only lead so far as necessary she knows that becoming a psychic is in truth simply a commitment to be temporarily a guide the goal is always to walk alongside one another we follow those who provide loving guidance and we extend that same loving guidance to those who follow check yourself often look inside and don’t be scared of what you see are your motives clear and pure are you committed to love and peace are you committed solely to he authentic use of your budding psychic power again it’s not a crime to see flaws and short comings you are human we all are that is actually the most important lesson you will learn in the process of becoming a psychic It is that common bond that we share our human experience in this physical world that allows us to communicate in spiritual spheres good luck


1) Meditation
2) have faith with the divine.
3) open up your third eye.
4) evoke your kindling energy


The elements play a big part in the meditation. For instance, as a child I would lay on the grass outside and look up into the sky on a cloudy day. I would concentrate on the clouds and elevate myself through meditation. As a teenager- I used fire- probably because of my hormones! I watched as the light danced around the smoldering embers. And now I use water. I go to the beach or a lake and concentrate on the wind and waves- the sounds- the smells- and I transport myself outside of who I am. I become one with what is around me. If you do not have water- use the wind. Sit under a tree. Close your eyes. Feel the energy around you. Smell the scents. Hear the heartbeat of the world.
Hope this helps.


2 suggestions start to meditate. an use a quartz crystal as a focal point the energy from the quartz will enhance your meditation focus

Crystal R

I asked this same question when I first met a true psychic, who actually works for police departments, and she told me that the only way to strengthen this ability is to use it.


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