How to make a psi/chi/energy/chakra ball?

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i think i know how to do one but i need expert help and dont bother answering if you write they arent real also if you can tell me how to make them do things.

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How would you do one?

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Okay, now this sounds very unfamiliar to me, considering what kind of work I’ve done with my chakras. The word chakra means wheel. Your chakras are like organic valves which function as the energy stations of your biophysical energy and aura. I’ve actually worked with my chakras and have had immediate experiences with it, but playing around with or manipulating your chakras every single day might be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. But then there are other people who experiment around with their chakras regularly, but I’m one of those who can’t do it for more than one day. For some reason the effects on me are immediate and if I do it to long, then I’ll have a very stressed out nervous system and abnormal heart beat.
There is a really awesome book out there that you can read which will teach you how to work with your biophysical energy titled Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden.
This book will teach you everything you need to know about your chakras.


Please investigate each of the words that you have used in your question. There are so many subtle differences that once you have studied for a while you will understand. Study and learn to get yourself to a place of strength and power. Then hopefully you will have Love and Peace in yourself and you will understand.


I’m just starting out on how to make it, and I think I’ve done it successfully. It made my right hand tingly and cold because I programmed it to be cold.
A psi ball is a ball of energy. You can control it with your mind. If it’s strong enough, you can make it visible to the human eye or you can use it as a shield from telepathy, energy vamps, or you can even use to communicate from a distance.
First thing to do is gather energy from the sun, the moon, the air, the water from the faucet or waterfall or even from the earth. Just don’t take energy from spirits. It will piss them off.
Start out with your hands facing each other. Now, everytime you inhale, visualize energy forming into a ball shape in your hands. It can be any color or any element. For example it could be a blue ball of flame or just a regular flame. Do what feels RIGHT to you. Make it stronger by adding more energy. The longer you do this, the more stronger it is. Add more energy until you feel this is dense enough.
If you feel just a little pressure on your hand, you have a psi ball right there!
By the way, I’m just starting out and I’ve visited tons of pages on guides on how to do a psi ball.


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