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How to make a homeade ouija board with out wood and hwo to use it correctly.?

How to make a homeade ouija board with out wood and hwo to use it correctly.?
I want to use a ouija board to contact my grandmother. How do u make one with out wood and how do u use it correctly because i do not want to have evil spirits hurting me or my family. Thank you!


  1. you can do it with paper!!! it works!!
    for the moving part, just cut out a heart within a heart, lol, you know, a heart with a heart shaped empty part, w/e ok, that’s the size of the letters and off you go!

  2. I dont knwo how to make it but dont use it inside beacseu if you do your letting the spirts into your home so us eit outside.

  3. You can make a ouija board out of something as simple as paper and markers. I usually just write the letters out with a marker on a sheet of paper and use a pendulum to swing to the necessary letters.
    As for rules, usually I recommend surrouding your working area in a protective light- to keep unwanted spirits out. Make sure that when you are done talking with whomever that you close out the session properly, and take down your protective area after all talking has ceased. Also keep in mind that any spirit can contact you through such a board. So be sure you’re talking to who uyou want to talk to.
    Hope it helps!

  4. woah slow down….if you have to ask how to use i HIGHLY recommend you don’t make your own. By doing that you actually open yourself up more to dark entities, because they can sense you’ll have no clue how to shut them out. If you’re looking to contact your grandmother i suggest finding a medium in your area. ouiji boards are sometimes unreliable and it’s hard to shut out what you don’t want. I tried to contact a relative through one and it’s not pretty when you don’t get who you want. Be safe about it if you chose too and have a bible near by. Even if you’re not religious that makes “bad spirits” uncomfortable.

  5. Why is it that people completely discount the idea of opening yourself up to GOOD, PEACEFUL entities with a Talking Board? Always, it’s the hounds of hell lapping at your feet through the board. Folks: if horrid demonic thingies exist and they want you, what makes you thing they need a piece of cardboard made in China and sold by Hasbro to get you?
    Don’t be such a coward! That is no way to see the world and its magnificence…


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