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How to make a good ouija board?

I recently made an ouija board. I took my dry erase board off the wall and on the back of it I wrote the alphabet, numbers 1-9, yes on the top left corner, no on the top right corner, and goodbye in the bottom center.
For the Planchette (or whatever it’s called) I took the cover to a plastic onion dip container, cut out the middle, and covered the hole with plastic wrap.
It seemed to work pretty well for the first few days, but it doesn’t really work any more.
What can I do to make it stronger??


  1. dont buy one. go to castle of spirits.com
    u can print out a ouija board that works great. u can use a see through shot glass fer the planchette.

  2. The Ouija board was proven to be entirely in your head. In numerous tests, subjects were told to contact spirits. They later blindfolded them and switched the board around without telling the subjects. They moved the “game piece” or whatever to the place where they thought the word “Yes” was, but it was just a blank corner since they rearranged the board.
    Please don’t try to refute this by saying something like “But the spirits must see through the user’s eyes to use the board!” Excuses, Excuses!

  3. An ouija board can be constructed in the following way.
    First place a piece of paper on which is written the alphabet on a table. Then prepare a small plate that is made of porcelain, gold, silver, or bronze. Mark an arrow on it. When this kind of psychic experiment is carried out by three people, each person has to place a hand lightly on the rim of the plate. Together they chant silently and reverently,
    “Spirit, please come forward to give us guidance.” The hands only lightly touch the rim of the plate and do not exert any force. After a while the plate will start to spin and move automatically back and forth across the paper. This is an extremely accurate method when used to find out about past events.
    When this psychic experiment is carried out by a single person, a coin may be used instead. (If an ancient Chinese coin is used, a missing corner can be used to represent the head of an arrow.) After placing the hand lightly on the coin, one also chants silently and reverently to invite a spirit to come forward. After a spirit has come forward, the coin will start to move rapidly across the paper to answer any questions one may have in mind. One does not even have to voice the questions. In fact, it works just as well with one person placing the hand on the coin while another person stands aside asking the question. In this case, the person with the hand on the coin will not know what questions are asked, yet the result will be just as effective. Following this principle, objects such as desks, chairs, pencils, and chopsticks also can be used for the attachment of the spirits. However, from my own experience which has been accumulated over a long period of time, several conditions must first be met.
    1) The objects to which the spirits are to attach must be very clean. That is why one should take ablution and consume a light diet before trance channeling. The plate should be a brand new one, as used plates usually do not work. Any other objects used should also be new. Do not play the Ouija board inside bathrooms or on beds, as this shows disrespect for the spirits. According to my knowledge, the mattress that one sleeps on is one of the filthiest spots in any house. When one attempts a spiritual contact on a filthy place, only filthy spirits will come forward. It is not that a filthy place will not work, but that the spirit that comes forward will probably be a ghost or entity from the lower astral plane. It is also best to carry out the game in front of a shrine, as the gods and Buddhas may be so touched by one’s sincerity that they might decide to make contact with one! Sometimes when one asks for the identity of the spirit coming forward, it turns out to be someone like one’s grandfather who passed away a long time ago.
    2) The plate used in this kind of experiment should be cleansed beforehand by a fire ritual. What is the cleansing fire ritual? It involves lighting a fire with mantra papers and then running the plate rapidly several times back and forth across the fire. After such a cleansing by fire, the plate will definitely be able to become attached by a spirit. This is absolutely true, as one will find out when one tries it. Similarly, if one wants to train as a chi tong, one has to perform a “firewalking” ceremony. However, one must know the mantra and mudra used for such a ceremony. Otherwise, one might burn to death by the fire, and I will not hold myself responsible for such behavior.
    3) The time for consulting the Ouija board is also very important. Although a spirit can come forward any time of the day, it is not as psychically effective when there are too many people and too much noise around. Under such conditions, the plate usually moves very sluggishly, as if there is not much energy feeding it. The best time is in the deep of the night when it is quiet all around. The plate will then run so speedily across the paper that sometimes ones fingers cannot even catch up with it. A friend of mine consults the Ouija board by himself late at night, and at the end, the plate moves automatically by itself without even his hand touching it. It just shows how the spirit’s energy comes through in the middle of the night. The next best time is in the evening. One must avoid approaching such experiments with jest in the mind, as the results will not be accurate, and one cannot blame the spirits for not being efficacious.
    4) The most important element in using the Ouija board is sincerity. Although it is a kind of psychic experiment, one should not treat it playfully. A playful attitude would result in playful answers. It becomes a kind of game when there is no trust between the two parties involved. I feel that the best way to use the Ouija board is in front of the shrine, as guidance from the higher beings is more likely to be authentic. Spirits in the lower realms can sometimes talk irresponsibly. One can also observe and analyze the answers to find out if the spirit coming forward is indeed who he claims to be. It is quite common for people who are playing with the Ouija board to be swindled by spirits in the lower realms. It would be terrible if these people believed the answers given them to be true. When I seek guidance through the Ouija board, I always do so in front of my Buddhist shrine, and I pray reverently and sincerely. When the deity descends, he first announces his identity, and I pay respects to him properly. Every question is met with an answer. If the higher entity does not know the answer, he will say so. The results are very accurate.
    I remember there was one time when we used the Ouija board in a friend’s house. When the plate started moving, we asked for the spirit’s identity.
    The answer read out, “I am a ghost.” Everyone was taken aback by the answer, especially the two girls present who then started to make a fuss and scream. I asked them not to be afraid. Actually if a spirit calls himself a ghost, then it must be so, since ghosts sometimes disguise themselves as gods, but no gods would call themselves ghosts.
    “Since you are a ghost, please tell us where you are from,” we asked. The plate moved around in a big circle and formed the word “Vietnam.” “Please tell us what your former occupation was?”
    “Were you a Vietnamese soldier?”
    “Yes.” After pointing to “yes,” the plate circled a few times to find the words “war” and “death.” So we understood that he had died in the Vietnam war. My friend asked, “What do you think of the Vietcong?”
    The plate moved around for a long while and formed the words “inhumane” and “tyranny will fall.” My friend asked again where the ghost was staying now. The plate spelled out the words “realm of spirits.”
    At this moment one of the girls mustered up her courage to ask, “Since you are Vietnamese, how come you can read the Chinese words on the board?” The plate moved around for a long time on the paper, making scratching noises, and gave us word by word, the following sentence, “The realm of spirits is full of inconceivable possibilities, and there is nothing that a spirit cannot do.” This sentence seemed to make sense and yet not make sense. But in any case, it did convey the ghost’s intention to us.

  4. Not sure how to do this since I do not use Ouija boards. I use Tarot cards, and have used Rune stones. Maybe they will work for you. Many people are more comfortable with them as well.

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