Home Discussion Forum How to learn transcendental meditation at home?

How to learn transcendental meditation at home?

I have no opportunity to take any lessons.


  1. There are tons of books on the subject. I have found that, you have to find what works for YOU. Basic guidelines. Sit in a quiet area, in a comfortable position without slouching, try to relax your muscles and unloosen tense joints. My personal advice is not to try and relax TOO hard. Just let it come to you.

  2. Well, I don’t know about that…
    But I can teach you to rise above the need for novocaine next time you have a tooth filled. That’s right, I can teach you to transcend dental medication.

  3. If or some reason you are not able to leave your home, Certified TM Teachers will figure out a way for you to learn TM. Call 1-888-LEARNTM. There are FREE Introductory and Preparatory talks where you can get your questions answered properly. The people at 1-888-LEARNTM will help you find a Certified TM teacher near you and that teacher will help you figure out how to finance the course.
    The Certified TM Teachers are dedicated to finding loans, grants, scholarships to enable everyone to learn The Transcendental Meditation Technique regardless of their financial situation.
    You are already on a good track. You know you want to learn TM. Great! Now go for it. Good luck.


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