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how to learn to read people's auras ?


  1. it is a basically a sense of what is going on,some people actually do take aura photographs as well and then get these analyzed, but spiritually speaking auras can be read in many ways . by actually “seeing” them,by running your hand through them and feeling the different balances and vibrations . this is just to name 2 there are many different methods

  2. What I do is I look at the person & move my eyes about half an inch above them & I just stare until a specific color pops out. Then I blink.

  3. people like plants ,anything living has aura.you may have seen it before yet never had a clue. if you have ever starred at the grass and noticed a glow over it. or a leaf and noticed the thin glow around it.as for reading aura,it can have cover.like people who are bad the aura around them may be a dark color. if pure and honest they may have a clear aura. there are many great books on this subject and i own quite a few of them.

  4. You can see it very often if the person is standing in front of a light colored background, like a white wall. As for the colors and what they mean, it’s pretty straight forward. The blues and purples are spiritual colors, pink signifies love and if you see brown or muddy colors, it could signify possible illness, depression etc. As for black, I have never seen it even in the meanest folks.


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