How to learn pyrokinesis: Please include psychokinesis and any activities to help me learn it.?

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I want to learn how to learn these…and no disbelievers saying they don’t exist!

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Stare into candle flames from a few inches away and visualise yourself becoming the flame. It takes many years of practice.
Eventually your hair will grow long enough to fall in the flame and you will catch fire!

Eileen L

whats that


If it truly exists, then there is nothing for you to do in order to have the ability. You were either born with the ability, or you were not. It is that simple.


No, you can learn Pyrokinesis. You DON’T have to be born with it. You can learn any type of Kinesis as long as it is done responsibly.
People can even learn the Clair senses, I myself am a Clairsentient and clairvoyent and find it easy to manipulate energy. You can do anything as long as your mind is set to it. Anything is possible.
The only limites are those you set for yourself. No one can tell you what you can or can’t do!
The best way to start is by concentrating on a flame and seeing how it moves, let your mind “move” with it. Once you get the hang of it visualise the movements you want the flames to make (in a natural manner) and after a few times practicing you’ll be able to make it move how you want (it can take a few weeks but don’t stop trying!). After awhile you’ll be able to put the fire out, work a lot on visualization.


ken your right nothing is possible.
its like the same words as (expect all the unexpect)
besides im a lil good at pyro


Im sure that u dont hav to be born with it.
Light a candle.
Focus on da flame and let ur energy merge with the flames. Visualise what it wud look like to move, flicker, shrink or even go larger! U need full concentration and will power. Eventually it shud work. If not, fire is not ur elemental power. try:
Hydrokinesis- water
Electrokinesis- electricity
Aerokinesis- air
Tips- NEVER doubt urself with these things. If u do then ur mind is going to go “nope”
and also, practise makes perfect!

Keo kunichi

I am Keo I was born with pyrokinesis and I use it once in a while. But its hard not being yourself in high school. I think it would be nice to be a regular. Having the power to munipulate fire isnt really good. Trust me on this I live 18 years of it and I hate it.
If anyone has questions email me at


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