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How to learn meditation by myself?

How to learn meditation by myself. I need it to fight the stress and tention. Are the places where someone teaching meditation for free? I just can’t understand consept of meditation and relax by myself while watching those meditation videos online or trying other ways by myself.


  1. It’s not that big a deal. The idea is to quiet your mind and give yourself a break from all your thoughts and problems and issues. The simplest way is to just focus on your breathing. Or you can focus on a noise like a clock ticking or something visual like a candle. Even a spot on the wall. Try not to think about anything but if a thought comes into your head let it go. If another thought comes into your head let that one go. It takes practice at first but gradually you can sit for fifteen minutes with a quiet mind. And when your meditation is over you will feel relaxed, maybe have some fresh ideas, maybe feel energized. It’s nothing magical I have long suspected that old men who go fishing and sit in a boat for hours are really meditating but they would never admit it. You can actually get the same effect from doing something that distracts your mind from everything else. My dad used to get it from painting. My mom from sewing. The idea is to do something that requires just enough of your mind that it blocks everything else out. And what about running? Or walking or bike riding? If you can do it alone where there’s no traffic or other distractions you have a perfect meditation opportunity. People think it’s something magical or mystical and the results can sometimes be surprising but it really isn’t hard to do and you just have to find what works for you.

  2. Pick a quiet place and a comfortable position with your back straight, not rigid. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing, don’t try to make yourself breathe differently just feel every breath. Try not to think of anything but your breathing, when a thought comes to mind, as soon as you are aware of the thought just take your mind back to your breathing. Start doing this for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and once you can do that without other thoughts coming to mind then you can move on to either doing it for a longer amount of time or you can try different thoughts to concentrate on. I usually just concentrate on breathing for 10 minutes and then relaxing each part of my body for another 10 minutes, then back to just the breathing for 10 minutes. I feel very refreshed and relaxed after the 30 minutes.

  3. Hi Raffeal,
    Meditation is a skill and discipline that is very rewarding but does take practice. Gentle brain training allows you to achieve meditative state in minutes with out effort.
    I was skeptical and first too, but it works and it is very relaxing and effective. There is a free sample recording on site so you don’t need to buy anything. Try it and feel the immediate affect.
    Relax and enjoy,
    Best wishes

  4. Try this very simple, yet powerful meditation in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ at http://www.awaken2life.org/published-articles/74-effortless-meditation.html
    It can be done for a couple minutes or an hour.
    Also of possible interest is a 15-minute audio podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) at http://www.awaken2life.org/podcast-more-oom.html but you would need to register first to get access to these older episodes.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  5. Some people can visualize very well. The best meditation for them is usually to see themselves at a very tranquil place, for example, the beach, the mountains, or a forest.
    Some peope are more physical oriented. They can use meditations like following their breath or they can focus on different body sensations. These sensations will tend to move, and following them is one form of meditation.
    Other people are more auditory. They can focus on a mantra, which usually stops the chattering of the mind. Although it is more external, listening to relaxing music or chanting is a valid form of meditation.
    You just have to experiment with different types of meditation to find what works for you. I would be cautious of CDs that claim you can “meditate like a Zen monk” in 5 minutes. Also beware of people who use Yahoo Answers to promote products they are selling.
    Meditation usually takes some practice. In the beginning, the mind is constantly chattering away. However, with practice and by finding the right type of meditation for you, the rewards will be great—for both your mind and your body. I speak from my own personal experience. Best wishes.
    EDIT: Some common mantras are saying “so” and you inhale and “hum” as you exhale You can also try “sat” as you inhale and “naam” as you exhale (pronounced sot-nom). You can say “re-” as you inhale and “lax” as you exhale. You can also breath in silently, and say hmmm as you exhale.

  6. I often use guided meditations and visualization techniques when meditating, usually if I want to work on a particular aspect of my life.
    When I want to quiet my mind or emotions I usually use a theta metronome which is a series of clicking sounds at a particular speed. It encourages your brain to slow its brainwave frequencies to that of the theta brainwave state – about 5 – 8 cycles per second. This is a naturally occurring brainwave frequency – normally we would experience this during sleep while dreaming.
    I find this type of meditation the most rewarding so far and I think it now also acts as a trigger for me, making it quicker and easier to ‘turn off’ my mind and enter into a state of relaxation.
    Whatever technique you choose, the effort of starting a meditation discipline is well worth it! Since I have been meditating every day I find I am less moody and generally happier, have more energy and find it easier to get through my work life with a minimum of stress, even when things get a little crazy!

  7. It is good that you have taken up meditation. There are so many benefits you can gain from this. It is better if you can get the help of an experienced teacher at the beginning and there’re so many places where they offer free training.
    If you need to try on your own you will have to sit in a quiet place with a straight back and concentrate on something you like. For example you can concentrate on air moving in and out through your nose. If it is dificult concentrate on instrumental music. It will be easy if you get to concentrate on something you like. Some people keep on reciting phrases like “may all be well” all the time. You can also select a word which is not arousing anger or attachment and keep on reciting that and visualize the word with closed eyes.
    It can be difficult at the beginning. But when you get used to it you will enjoy it. Keep the following in your mind,
    1.Mintain a straight back all the time. You can sit in a chair if it is difficult to sit on the floor.
    2. Towards the end of your meditation session open your eyes and wait for sometime before getting up.
    3. Whatever you do in your life be mindful, concentrate (give 100% of your attention) and keep your mind in the present moment.
    You will find the following links useful,


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