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How to learn and practice telepathy, tele hypnosis, remote psychic seduction, erotic hypnosis?


  1. Most if not all of those kinds of applications have been researched and explained in at least superficial ways. The Russians studied a lot the concepts of esp, telepathy, psychokinesis and other phenomena, especially 3 or 4 decades ago. They concluded that it was possible to for example wake people up by hypnotic suggestion when the person might have been 1000 miles away. And under these experiments the persons would wake up 30 seconds after the hypnotic suggestions were made. These experiments were carried out with the purpose of setting up examples that would clearly show that hypnothic telepathy or remote influencing was possible.
    Now, if hypnosis is used to bring about changes in a person’s behavior by letting them understand things in new ways, clinical hypnosis at least, I can see how carefully designed techniques could help a person develop these kinds of skills in real life. A hypnotist could supress and restructure a client’s map of the world in such a way where his psychic skills can fluorish better.
    Such practices are not very much practiced today at least, and usually private research or government research are the only ones that do so. But a person who is skilled at hypnosis can understand that hypnosis is a whole theory of communication and that deep trance is not neccessary for hypnosis. Hypnosis is about influence and persuasion and as such people can practice and communicate with it in their everyday lives. In their everyday lives they can practice erotic types of hypnosis for example making their outcomes all the more enjoyable! If you want to know more about hypnosis, I suggest you carefully study more, may I suggest a good source?

  2. These aren’t studied today because the studies that were done on these topics failed or were part of 1950 mis-information campaigns. These have been rehashed and rehashed. Unfortunately, a few folks who want to believe this is possible keep putting it out there.

  3. I don’t believe ALL people have these latent abilities, only a select few. Generally the information surrounding telepathy or remote viewing or influencing suggests these are latent abilities in everyone, and all you need to do is enhance them. I don’t believe so. Some people continue to promote that so that they can make money on it by selling books or giving seminars. I do believe however, that select people do have these telepathic abilities that can be enhanced. This is why the Government spent so much time researching it, not only in the ’50’s as one person noted, but this type of Government research went on well into the ’90’s (which is well-documented) and then when it was discovered, it went underground and is still being conducted today in secrecy.

  4. Select famous magicians, I feel, the only reasonabe explanation would be that they have these abilities of tele hypnosis, unless you want to start getting into the realm of them being able to alter physical matter with their minds, I don’t know, honestly these guys are amazing, whether or not it’s real, it’s just fantastic to be apart of.


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