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by nite_angelica:

I recently went to have a palm reading by a well-known local psychic. She told me that I carried the ‘stigmata of healer’ and needed to focus my energy on learning more more about that. She said in 25 years she had only had the opportunity to read for 3 other people that carried that mark, so it was important to follow up on this, since my guides obviously thought I was ready to learn about it (by leading me to a reading). I know what many think about psychics, so I just want to say that she didn’t say I needed any follow-up readings (or even offer another future reading) and she didn’t offer to help me with the learning process.
She showed me the lines and I looked it up online and in some books… sure enough that is supposedly what it is.
I’m 40 years old already, so I don’t see how I could end up being a healer but maybe I’m supposed to learn about healing… and I’m sure this is probably spiritual healing, not physical.
Are there any healers that could suggest books, meetings, or what direction I should go with this?
How horrible that someone came in and gave you two thumbs-down. 🙁 I hate when people do that.
They did not come from me and I really appreciate the information that you’ve given!

Answer by Terry
I have lived the greater part of a century and I still learn of the craft of healing. Had I begun my studies as young as you I do not know just where I might be in my abilities–yes 40 is a young’un to me. I was never marked to be a healer or have strong thoughts on the subject.
If you know nothing of the craft you should begin with its sister craft of working with Herbs and the use of the voice as a healing tool. [The next sentence will truly put me in my age] One of the books I have read again and again, as well as use to heal or help is Stalking the Healthful Herbs by Euell Gibbons. My copy was printed in 1966, but I believe you can find it somewhere on the net as I’ve seen copies fo sale up into the 80s.
The voice is for your own study. Start by watching carefully and Journaling how your tones, elocution, and volume affect others. This talent can be a cardinal part of healing.
Now, I did find that animals responded to me better than humans, which I was happy with. I found this out when a dog was hit by a car near my home and I was able to calm and handle him, when others couldn’t. I also helped at the vets as she seemed to recognize the dog needed me as she xrayed and set his broken leg.
You will find your way—when you decide it is your way.
Librarian and Elder of The Lore.


  1. There are many many forms of healing, from the ‘energy workers’ to herbs, from hands on spiritual healing and battery healing from a team of healers working in meditation. The trick is going to be finding one that works for you.
    My advice is to study, do some online research to see what appeals to you, and also do you have any kind of innate interest in something that could be turned into a healing path? Gardening and herbs maybe? or have you always fancied the idea of being able to meditate?
    From the online study I’d invest in some books, but mainly I’d check out your local occult and health stores as often they have classes in healing (if you fancy the more cerebral version rather than the practical herbal workings)
    Keep an eye out for a magazine called ‘kindred Spirit’ as well, personally it drives me up the wall with it’s ‘light and love’ but you may find some use in the healers adverts within it.
    I’m sorry, the only healing I do is for animals and I don’t really have much knowledge of techniques bar one so I’m not the best person to ask, but what I’ve said might be of some use with luck.
    Best of luck on your new path.
    Remember it’s not just humans who need healing.

  2. I’m in exactly the same place you are, so know that you’re not alone. My healing is energy-based. I suggest you look up energy healing. Reiki is a well-known form, but you don’t need formal training for energy healing. It deals not with the soul, but with the auric field (the energy field around all life). Manipulating the field helps clear whatevers wrong with the body.
    The more you practice, the better you get. If you feel you need it, look for a local group that might practice energy healing – most big cities have them.

  3. The two healers in my coven work in two different ways.
    -One has learned the art of herbal healing; she can mix up a solution out of herbs that help with almost any problem. Granted if it?s a BIG problem we just go to hospital. But small things like headaches, infections, and minor body aches she will brew up a tea or mix up a past that always does the trick.
    -The other somehow is able to make people feel better by touching them. Not like Hollywood style, and she works more with ones soul than their physical wounds.
    Maybe she was referring to one of those methods? Or possible you?re meant to guide someone else toward a future in medicine?
    Hope this helps,
    You’re more than welcome to e-mail me if you like.

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