How to know the right ascension and delineation of a heavenly body [Star]?

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I’m just curious how astronomers locate easily a star by knowing these two astronomical terms.

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they act as coordinates of the sky
just like your gps gives you coordinates
for places here on planets surface


There are setting circles on many fixed telescopes, but nowadays computerised telescopes can be bought fairly cheaply, and they’ll do all the work for you.


Right ascension if like longitude and declination is like latitude, only on the celestial sphere instead of the Earth. Right ascension is traditionally measured in hours and not degrees because it is determined by the time that a star passes overhead.


Every celestial body has a RA and DEC (right ascension and declenation) and these can be found in an “Ephemeris”. An equatorial mount scope has setting circles on the mount. Knowing the star time (siderial time) of the sky you are looking at, add or subtract from the setting circles and the scope will be pointed at your target.
RA and DEC of the sky is like latitude and longitude on


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