Home Discussion Forum how to improve telepathy?

how to improve telepathy?

How to improve telepathy and express our feelings to anyone to whom we cant have direct conversation like phone, mail, etc?


  1. If you wanna improve something, at least you must have a small piece of it. You have the ability of telepathy? wow
    Up to what I know, 2 people have telephathy when they have really closed relationship (twins, special lovers, dog and its master), it does not happen to everyone.

  2. Spent the last 7 years with my wife, we tend to know what we’ll say or do before we say/do.. I don’t think its telepathy though.. its more like bonding. Well if what i’m saying is what you’re thiking.. then the answer is simple, be with each other long enough and observe every little thing about each other, learn and appreciate each other.. although it won’t help with phone, mail or long distance communication, but it will sure build trust and confidence in each other.


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