Home Discussion Forum how to I connect to magick ?

how to I connect to magick ?

I used to be able to connect to magick and i’m having a hard time concentrating at my candles to connect . i close my eyes and try but ..
is it me just blocking myself somehow ?
how do i open up to concentrate and connect ?
am i not feeling it ? is that why i’m not connecting?
( this is for wiccans & witches only …all christian & catholic answers will be ignored )


  1. dunno.
    But the term ‘magick’ was made up by Alestair Crowley, a satanist, in the early 1900’s.
    He was called “the evilest man in the world” in his time
    Good luck.

  2. Anxiety is one common cause of such choking up — and the more you choke up, the more anxious you get. 🙂
    It might be a good idea not to try so hard: that is, to take a few days’ break from trying without doing anything else. Another possible remedy is to engage in a different kind of meditation prior to making the attempt. A third possibility is to try something different for a while, like concentrating on doing God or Goddess devotions, for example, and then try going back to what’s been giving you so much trouble.
    If you felt it before, you can feel it again. Everyone goes through periods where it’s difficult.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Hi I’m relatively new at this, but I think if one has trouble concentrating, it’s probably not a bad idea to look into your personal life as a start. Try to find out if any thing has changed, or if something else, which might seem insignificant is causing your mind to wander. Alternatively you might need something to increase your intrigue. This could be achieved by writing your own spells, rituals, or even to contemplate about life. We are very intelligent beings and our souls and minds will quickly tell us if we’re lacking something. Remember: your true temple is your mind/soul, and it must be ever changing.
    Perhaps your deities want to commission something from you, or want you to change something. Remember, magick is all around us and it doesn’t end in your temple or ritual. What we do and how we treat other people is all a part of magick; I believe magick is a way of living: It’s the way we look at the world. Hence if we fail to realize this, we might become disconnected from our Gods.


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