How to help someone meditate/past life regress?

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In my psychology class we have meditated and done past life regressions. I want to try them at home on my family. I have a basic idea of what to do from class but I would love tips. What exactly should I say in the past life regression. I am not really expecting much from it, but I really want to try. I have some nice relaxing music and relaxing candles. What else do I need? Thanks in advance!

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Watch this video about meditation, it explains at all. Share it with friends and Family


I think I would try to tape record anything your family member said and then research the facts and see if you can verify the information. I would ask questions like where they are and what era they are, or if they can tell by the automobiles or styles of clothes people are wearing. I would try and make the room dark, sometimes when people are sleeping you can talk to them and they will tell you the truth, so be careful not to ask a question you don’t want the answer to.


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