Home Discussion Forum How to help people to develop sense of consciousness.?

How to help people to develop sense of consciousness.?


  1. Most normal humans are sub-conscious (as when asleep) and conscious of the universe when awake; and they also have potential to be super-conscious of their soul identity and even their eternal spiritual destiny as an eventually perfected Son of God with Paradise Residence and also unending glorious adventures in the super-universes and beyond to infinity !
    The best way is to personally introduce each human to God: You might share the Good News something like this:
    God is your loving Creator Father; and you are now his divinely beloved ascending son in faith. Even your faith is a free
    gift from God. Be now the son of God in Jesus that you are in Spirit ! You may freely Commune with God above and with His pure spirit Essence within you now and always.
    Peace and progress to all !

  2. the only way is to be open minded and stop being ignorant. and they can do that by separating fact from fiction. research and investigate…


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