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Out-of-body experiences are one of the most misunderstood of the mystic phenomena. However, several simple steps will make it possible for you to begin the course. The wonderful thing is that no matter what, these practices will provide numerous benefits for your well-being.

First, a short word on what we’re doing. The astral body is an aspect of yourself that is separate from your material body. You can generally think of it as your unconscious. It is part of the energetic architecture that makes you more than a bodysuit! What we are doing here is learning to detach that awareness from the specific locality of your mortal body.

The main factors are relaxation and freedom from expectations. You start a session by laying down on your back. It is best to avoid doing so at the time when you normally go to bed. It also helps to do it in a place that is not your bed. Tensing and releasing body parts one at a time is an age-old practice for relaxing. However, since we are dealing with energy, we also need to envision warm, glowing light circulating around our bodies as we inhale deeply. Remember that breath works wonders to move and focus the subtle energies in our body.

Specifically, moving energy throughout the seven major chakras is a wonderful boon as well. If you’re unfamiliar, there is a ton of data on chakras available. Very basically, they are wheels of energy placed vertically up the human body, coming from the root of the spine and going upwards to the to the crown of your head. They all equate with a gland and a mode of consciousness. Concentrating on a picture of where you want your consciousness to end up provides a great aid also. Gaze upon a certain picture before beginning your out-of-body session.

Irrespective of your level of meditation capability, you may be interested in discovering that certain brainwaves make out of body experiences more plausible, and there are meditations to transport your brain into this kind of state. This is a real technique to aid you! The brain, like anything else, vibrates at certain frequencies, which generate certain chemical processes. You could very well have heard of the alpha, theta, and delta waves as we experience nightly sleep. There are analogous brain waves for every state, including the out-of-body experience. The easiest way to create this is using an audio meditation to entrain your brain into such a frequency. There are two main technological advances for this. Binaural beats require earphones, while isochronic tones do not. Both have been demonstrated to aid meditative and mystical states. They decelerate your attachment to racing thoughts and provide some wonderful relaxing benefits.

Another practice you can do on your own as you lay down is this: pretend that you are about to move a part of your body, but do not. This will get you used to feel the subtle energies that course through our existence. It is a great first step to your out-of-body experience. After getting used to this, picture yourself looking down at your corporeal body as you’re laying down in bed. All of these processes instruct your mind and energies to loosen the bonds with your physical body. They are formidable first steps that will lead to you successfully understanding how to have an out-of-body experience.

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