How to give someone your psychic powers?

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I know that it is possible for someone who has very strong powers to share them with someone else but does anyone know how?

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You don’t have psychic powers.


uuuuummm NO


You could probably transfer some of your psychokinetic powers to a soulstone and break it in half. Give your friend the other half and you’ll both have half power.
You know… if that sorta thing was real.

cheese b

Wrap them in pretty paper.



lina boo


Spunky The Metaphysical

Be sure to check IRS policy before doing so. I think that such a gift is taxable.


well i know how you feel because i just discovered i have magically magestic powers and i can do things without using my hands and i can make things appear and disappear and i can fly and turn into a silvered liquided substance, ok?


………………your name’s not Heather by any chance, is it?….

sharon j

amazing anal sex

Seymore K

Take a dump on their chest.


Ask Pat Robertson, he holds psychic powers over those who dump millions of dollars into his ministry every time he squints his eyes. Now that’s power!


Usually through some sort of Reiki and other forms of energy work.


People can’t give them selves psychic powers if that was possible everyone would do it.
People can and do desire them, and this “gift” comes by way of demonic spirits, but what “gift” could possible be worthy the price? Thus its not really a gift, but a curse, for as long as one has it, the demons rule them and that person is damned. Oh and no demonic spirit indwells a lone.
They are like roaches if you see one, there are more hidden that you can’t see, all you need is to turn on the proverbial light to see.
Seek God

lifes a mystery to me ?

Max above one word sums you up, NUT.


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