How to give and receive more hugs?





I love to hug… but I don’t get much chances in life to do it. I once did it a lot when I was young, hugged my mother a lot, until I once made the foolish decision to tell her that I was too old for it and didn’t want it any more. My hormones acted up, being in the middle of puberty…
But now I regret this, and when I do hug my mother, it just isn’t the same any more. I don’t have a relationship, and my friends aren’t into such things, the new friends I meet always dislike getting touched either.
The only person I can do this with is my reiki master, since we know each other a long time and she’s helping me through my problems and soon for a reiki 2 attunement. She knows and feels how I miss hugs. 😀
How can I cope with the problem of not being able to give or receive hugs? I miss them a lot… 🙁


  1. give a dog or cat a hug or a teddy. some ppl just dont liek being touched like one of my friends. i doubt she’s ever hugged anyone in her life! i mustve put my arm round her like ‘dont worry’ and she shrugged me off. so i got the hint! she dont like it and never will! she doesnt have a relationship either and never been in one so yup. some ppl just like to be hugged unfortunately. dunno what the harm is.

  2. 🙁
    I’ll give you a hug!
    I hope you enjoyed it.
    You should really move to where I live. People don’t understand others who don’t give hugs! lol. We even get called gay for not hugging girls. LOL.
    Well tell your mother you miss her hugs. She’ll be more than happy to give you hugs. Soften your friends up!
    Good Luck!

  3. In my opinion it is best to wait. You’ll get many opportunities for hugging. Maybe you could simply tell your mom that you miss the old days. Good-bye.

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