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how to get your parents to buy tarot cards?

ok, im 14 & i know a lot about tarot cards and how to read them. and i want to buy a deck of tarot cards, but my probably wont let me. so how do i get them to let me buy a deck of tarot cards?


  1. discuss with them. make a promise that you will get good result in your school or will improve your behavior after you buy it.

  2. OK. What you want to do is convince them that tarot cards are not what they think they are and that you want to use them in a different way than they would expect. It’s a crafty strategy but I think might work.
    Head over to your local library and if you are lucky, they may be able to get hold of a copy of The Game of Tarot by Michael Dummett (Duckworth 1980). With this well researched history book, you will be able to demonstrate that not only were tarot cards originally created for playing card games but that the images are not occult in origin at all and that the games are still played throughout continental Europe today. The book contains rules for a great many of them!
    If you cannot get this, then try to get either:
    The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games by David Parlett
    The Penguin Book of Card Games by David Parlett (2008 edition)
    While these (two editions of the same book) contain only a little history, they do include the rules to half a dozen of the games.
    Now you will be in a position to convince your parents that a) tarot cards are not occult and that b) you want a pack to explore some of the most strategically sophisticated card games ever devised.
    Your next step will be ensure that they buy you the correct pack – keep in mind that most tarot games are played with a French suited pack with trumps that you won’t recognize. So, you need to point out that if you have an Italian suited pack (which is the type of tarot you are thinking of), then you will be able to play more of the Italian and Swiss games. (sneaky but true!)
    Ask for the Tarocco Piedmontese or the Ancient Italian Tarots (published by Lo Scarabeo) or the Swiss 1JJ (you will want the French titled import).
    You can direct them to these two sites to make the purchase which will also support your claim to want to play games:
    if you’re in Europe:
    if you’re in the States:
    Good luck!


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