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How to get started with yoga?

I’m trying to lose weight and I hear yoga is good for that. Problem is there isn’t any yoga classes around here, and even if there were I couldn’t pay for any classes because I’m 17 and can’t find a job. So I’m hoping anybody can direct me to a free website,video or something because I have no clue how to do yoga at all. I’m tired of being fat so any help would be great. Thanks.


  1. Yoga really isn’t the best way to lose weight, it has many redeeming qualities, but weight loss is not one of them. If you still want to learn then there are plenty of sites on the net promoting Yoga for beginners (don’t attempt to go straight to the hard stuff you’ll never do it!), or buy a book/DVD from you favorite online book/DVD retailer.
    You may also want to look into pilates too, but to really burn any excess weight it really comes down to lifestyle, diet, and cardio type exercises. I include lifestyle in that equation because if you are not happy in yourself, you’ll probably be a little depressed and it a killer to lose weight while you are not happy!

  2. Its good that you are turning towards yoga. For persons like you I have created a site which can give you entire knowledge about yoga. This site is a new site and i hope for the time being you will get the answers for what you want but in future i am going to add many more sujects which may help you to do yoga sitting at home. This is my site http://www.onlineyoga.in.

  3. I agree with many points made by Crim Liar.
    Loosing weight does not appear to be a significant issue for Indians centuries ago (thus weight loss was not a primary goal as yoga was developed).
    However, in contemporary times, there are certainly no shortage of people that report yoga was a big factor in helping their weight situation.
    So, if there is something about yoga that appeals to you, by all means, give it a try.
    Any physical activity is certainly better than nothing.
    I can recommend this site: http://www.yoga-for-beginners-a-practical-guide.com/
    You can sign up to receive a free, seven lesson-email course (which I can say from experience, has good/sound information).


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