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How to get rid of shadow people?

I’d like to know if anyone has experience dealing with shadow people. About once a month I am awakened from my sleep in the middle of the night to see a shadow person standing at the edge of my bed. While the figure is there, I can’t seem to move or talk, and my whole body feels like pins and needles, and about 10 seconds later the figure disappears and everything is back to normal. My roommates have not seen the shadow person, and I have never seen or heard anything strange anywhere else in the house, although I did buy a spirit bottle that repeatedly falls off the shelf I keep it on. I also keep a bottle of Holy Water that was given to me in my room, and it still appears. I don’t know if it’s attracted to me or my bedroom and why.
I have read some things on shadow people and on “sleep paralysis” but I never see shadows out of the corner of my eye, I always see it full on at the end of my bed, normal human height, but it seems to be a female figure as far as I can tell, never moves or talks, just stands there for about 10 seconds before disappearing, and I’ve never before experienced sleep paralysis until I moved to this house – it’s only ever happened in the last year and a half and always with the sighting of the shadow person. I’m otherwise healthy, usually get enough sleep, and don’t use drugs that could cause hallucinations. This shadow person really scares me, especially with my inability to move or yell while it’s there. It makes me afraid to sleep in my room because I’m afraid it will come again. I don’t have a religion really, although I believe there is plenty out there we don’t understand. I don’t know if I should be concerned with its presence or how to not be afraid or make it go away. Any advice would be appreciated!!


  1. Maybe you should talk to a paranormal professional on some websites about this or in paranormal chat rooms and get some tips on what you should do.

  2. Yes you maybe having a bout with sleep paralysis… But fyi a shadow person is an actual demon and it also possibly that demon is effecting your mind…. Now I can tell you that in this situation Holy Water is useless… But there are spells that can protect you and keep the demons from continually harassing you….

  3. Since it only appears for about 10 seconds its probably just a neurological glitch in your visual field.
    Your brain is translating shadows in shapes!
    Stop worrying or see a doctor and ask if this could be a sign of some impending neurological problem or chekc your room. There’s probably a pattern of shadows with curves somewhere?

  4. Shadow people aren’t ghosts,
    Thomas Durant researches them, he’s experienced them himself, i heard him in an interview with the New Englad Ghost Project, on their podcast Ghost Chronicles.

  5. I have had the exact same thing happen to me. It has been happening for years . I myself am Christian and it seems the more I pray the more this ‘Sleep Paralysis’ happens . I have experienced it countless times .
    I wake up from sleeping and I cannot breathe ,I cannot move … My eyes are open ,but I feel paralized. I know for a fact that I am not still dreaming bencause I recall many a time waking up staring at my alarm clock and whatcing minutes go by. It is terrifieng to say the least ! I have awaken to strange feelings , like someone is sitting on my chest and suffocating me .
    I have awaken to a growling sound with no dog or animal in my room. I have also awaken to someone whispering my name it was as if I could feel their breathe on my ears , I recall hearing one speak a different language and then say “I will be back”, clearly in english.
    I wish I could help you and answer your question ,but I myself am wondering how to get rid of these “shadow people” , or demons . 🙁 I have prayed so many times , I have told them to leave ,slept with a bible … I have talked to my family about it they just say go to church , and that never changed a thing . I am still visited. If anyone truly has real advice or has experienced this sort of stuff please , please help I am terrified and I don’t want to awaken to this stuff anymore!

  6. My family and I have experienced this shadow person as well. It started on me when I lived in Illinois. I was about 8 months pregnant and my husband and I were laying in bed. Our eyes were closed but we both saw a bright flash over our eyelids. It woke us up and we tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. When I was on the verge of falling asleep again, I heard something whisper something real fast in my ear. I couldn’t make out what it was saying but it scared me and I woke up my husband. Once we were both sat up in bed, our bed started shaking off the floor. Literally jumping about two feet into the air. He jumped off and I was on all fours on the bed freaking out. It couldn’t have been an earthquake seeing as though it was in Illinois and there was nothing about one on the news he next day and no one else woke up. When my son and I moved to Texas a few years later, everything started again, Only this time it is getting worse. Every time I would get into a fight with my boyfriend(husband and I divorced) this dark shadow figure would appear. Him and I both see it now. One time we were laying in bed, he was asleep and the figure’s face was right beside him looking at me. This was the closest it has ever been to me. It had deep red hazy eyes. Then it was gone. Another time I was laying in bed and I heard a whisper in my ear in another language. We had translated it to English with an online translator and it meant “we all go to hell”. Then it started to get to the children. His 8 year old was in th kitchen doing his homework and ran out of the kitchen claiming he saw a scary dark shadow man. He refuses to be in a room alone now. My son was 3 at the time and he kept crying to not sleep in his room because of the monster. I figured it was just a stage he was going through until one night he woke up screaming. Justin and I sat in his room and asked what happen and he said the monster was grabbing his feet and holding his arms like this( he demonstrated by crossing his arms over his chest) he also said the monster was choking him. I asked what the monster looked like and he said he is black with big red eyes. I let him sleep on the couch with the tv and he screamed again at about 3 am. Justin and I ran out there and we told max there was no monster when we are around. We asked where the monster man was and we turned off the lights to the living room. When we told him see there is no monster, we heard this sound that is unexplainable. It was right at the foot of the couch by the coffee table. The best way I can describe it is one of those big shell horns mixed with a growl. It scared the hell out of us and we ran into the kitchen and turned on the lights. We sages the house and haven’t seen it in awhile. We told it that it is not welcomed here. This is now a few months later and i have woke up with 3 acratches on my legs. Justin had 3 scratches on his back and we saw it last night. Justin did. Not me. My brother also has been seeing it. It is back and we want to know how to get rid of it for good. It is attacking us and our children. Please help us.

  7. All I can say is I have experienced this all as well. They follow you . I had it follow me on vacation. I was not religious but when I said a hail Mary, and our father , and the ask arc angel Gabriel and arc angel Michael to cleanse home of all evil and put a protective barrier around us the sleep paralyis stopped. If it gets real bad cause they get mad that you pry ask god to cleanse home of all evil, lock the evil in the gates of hell and put a protective barrier around the home and everyone in it. My daughter can hear spirits and actually I started to look up the people she was telling me about. I found them online and they died by me. She says the spirits tell her to have home blessed and to pray every night. They will stop coming. I believe that it is a firm of lien abduction that aliens are fallen angels and are demons. I did a lot of research on all of this. So start paying attention to your surroundings any missing time marks bruises on your body forgetfulness and any weird experiences. Write everything down. Any dreams you have that are weird write them down. I say this because my grandfather died before my daughter was born and she did not know him. He visits her and he told her the shadow people are alies a d aliens are Allen angels and fallen angels are demons to read the bible the stories are true. So I he been dealing with this for a long time since childhood. Also are any of you rh negative blood. If you are or someone in the home is I would look into this theory of mine. Goog luck and god bless. Hope my information helps you.

  8. Me! I have been dealing w them! They come as shadows. Sometimes the have feather hats, pointy nose, pointy beard. They touch me and even rape me. I get abdominal pain when they rape me. I feel them touching my private parts. They suck the energy out of me! They are awful!

  9. I realize that this thread is two years old, but none of the replies have shed any light (except the one who Saged her house) on how to get rid of Shadow Walkers/People. You can check online for Native American Shamans or Wiccan Healers. Many of these have vast experience dealing with negative entities. Religions have no practical purpose with these types of beings. Shadow Walkers are attracted to you because you are like them, perhaps harboring a spiritual illness or trauma from your past. They feed on fear, anger and hatred. A Shaman or Healer will have the sight to help you see what you need to do to get rid of them permanently. Pray for one, then search. You’ll find what you need most.

  10. I am currently experiencing this and I am scared to death I don’t sleep I don’t turn my light out and I need help it all started when my cousin Link (who is one) started having “night terrors” as the doctor put it and I went to get him one night after he started screaming and crying I saw it out of the corner of my eye a shadow person I screamed and his parents came in now it seems to haunt me instead of Link I just need it to stop

  11. Seek a relationship with God the Father, his Son Yeshua(AKA Jesus),and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, Mother and Guider into all truth! Perfect Love casts out fear, for there is no fear in Love. God Loves you and I more than we could ever think.

    • Open a Kings James Bible and place it next to you.Works everytime.I think they’re afraid of it.I’ve had encountered shadow form and more since I was 8 years old.They’re evil.

  12. The Bible is Gods word.Very strong against evil.If you move which I did they follow you.Now married my husband see them now.Devoted Christians don’t acknowledge them for they live off your fear.I you see one ignore it.Which is very hard to do but makes them leave faster.Fear causes them to hang around you.I use to have them on top of me as I slept.I couldn’t move or scream.They would try to choke me.I was paralyzed.I was 8 when it started.Usually happens at 4am.that’s when our dutch clock would chime.Almost every night.Then other things would happen.I still see them and feel their presence or hear them but I ignore them and it works they leave plus I’m no longer scared.They are evil entities living off your fear which they like to make worse.Don’t let them.

  13. Shadow people are not ghosts they’re demons.I know this as fact.They exist and usually are attracted to children and sensitive people.

    • I’m seeing black shadows it followed me from a house that I moved from I lived there for10 years I moved because of what I was experiencing with the black shadows but it followed me PLEASE !!! TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO TO RID GET OF it.IT have pulled my hair. touched me. Sent cds flying off the table.scratched me.growled in my ear.wakes me up out of my sleep.tapping on my arms unexplained pains.waking up gasping for air.brushes across my eyebrows and face PLEASE HELP

    • I fully agree with you. I’ve been dealing with show people my whole life as far back as I can remember and I know for a fact that they are demons. They feed on fear, anger and anguish. I have never encountered one that was good. I think people that believe this concept are allowing themselves to be fooled. After all, demons lie to get you to open yourself up so your vulnerable.

      • They aren’t ALWAYS demons. Sage often does help but does not always. If it doesn’t help/makes it worse then it’s most likely a demon which is a separate entity from a shadow person. Most demons inhabit/attach themselves to something living. Could be a person, animal, or plant. Very few demons have the power to be apart from their host for long.

  14. This sounds simalr to the dreams i have been having. I started having out of body dreams walking around my house in the dark and trying to turn on the lights but they don’t turn on, then i relize i’m dreaming and go back to my room where i see i’m in bed sleeping and try to wake up but it takes a few seconds to wake up. After that dream i have been having more intence out of body dreams where i stay in my bed looking around my room and can see a dark black shape or figure moving around my room, and i know i’m dreaming and wake up or struggle to wake up. The last dream i had freaked me out the most i was in a dream laying on my bed and saw the dark black shape or demon(i dont know what to call it) it got closer to me right beside my bed and i have had enoff of seeing it in my dream so i stared at it straight on and what i saw was the scaryest thing i have ever seen, at first It was a black bulls head looking at me then it started changing faces quickly and i instantly woke up but couldent open my eyes because i couldent stand looking at it. These dreams seem so real and its happened around 10 times I dont know what to do to stop this.. any advice would be awesome

  15. Try putting up a true tribal dream catcher (Cherokee is usally legitimate) and try to talk in the dark with your mind focused on the creature. Ask him to leave. If he/she refused then put up the catcher. Hopefully this helps out.

  16. My daughter is 29. We are both sensitive. I read above about Rhonda negative blood. It is strange as I and my sister are the only family members to have it,yet DNA shows both our parents to be our parents. We are A. Dad O,and Mom B. Unexplainable.. My daughter has shadow people every night now at her apartment.They surround her bed at night. She is now sleep deprived and depression is a serious issue.The apartment isn’t it, as she had seen them before as well as myself.They seem to follow. us. A young man she was in love with a few years ago suffered from mild depression, then after a night together, he went home, got a gun, walk out into the cornfield and put a bullet in his head. He had no premeditated ideas as far as anyone knows.I don’t know what to do to get rid of these shadow people The largest one is a man and he wears a hat. He appears to be in charge or something as the others take his lead Help She is only 29.

    • I understand your pain. Roughly 6 years ago, my mother and I experienced a similar situation. The shadow man, wearing a top hat (similar to that of Lincoln’s) stalked me first for a period of 2 to 3 months. A few weeks after its last visit, it attached itself to my mother for a period of some seven months more or less. I have read about the consequences of sleep deprived people and sleep paralysis. Although the latter reports similar experiences, what we went through does not fit in those exact events.
      A few things to keep in mind:
      1. What time does the shadow visit?
      2. Who does it visit/are their more than one person?
      3. Have you recently moved? If so, does the shadow still follow you?
      4. Have you/or person experiencing this, recently obtain an “object” (could be anything) from a cemetery, yard sale/state sale and shortly after started experiencing these events?
      Fast forward 6 years. Shadow people have not returned. However, we did move (our third residence now) but it followed us to our second residence. We moved a third time, to our current home, and it has not returned.

    • Check in at Paranormalsoup.com/forums ……they have a forum there called: Need Help with a Haunting? They can help you with your daughters haunting. Best of luck to you!

  17. A spirit or shadow person is attached itself to my 20yr old son, Everyone has seen it except him, I preformed a smugging ceremony on my house and it felt lighter in here, but the shadow is still attached to my son only now when he leaves it leaves.m

  18. I’m 18 years old I have many questions on shadow people. I first seen a shadow person at age 6. I woke up in the night and there was a strange filling around me. I tried waking my sister she wouldn’t wake up or even breathing we was laying in the same bed. I look to the side of the bed and I seen a spirit and a shadow person, some say shadow people can travel in time, I don’t want to seem crazy but It was like I was taken to the home of the spirit I seen I don’t understand it much, but some how I just woke up and I remember being in this house and I explained it to my mother she said it was my great grandma my papaws wife. I was shocked to hear that. I just want answers.. Why do I see them and I feel like I’m being watch all the time.

  19. I just found out this past week end that my oldest grandson has been seeing a shadow person his 17 and he’s seen them all his life he told his mother my daughter about it she asked him what he does when he see it he said that he starts praying that thing tell him he needs to kill him self just put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger I sent him all the words that he’s said when he cast out demons and about the power in the blood every thing I could find and every thing I new of and was taught

  20. I saw the first one outside my window at night as a boy and I still see them to this day. Most of the time oddly enough it’s in the daytime. I work retail and think a customer is at the counter but when I look up the department is empty. My mom told me she sees them when we saw a preview for a new movie. I never told her I see them too.

  21. Ever since my son was a toddler, he has been seeing shadow people. He drew a picture of a man in an old fashioned hat and cape. It was identicle to my younger brothers drawing when he was a toddler. My son is now a teenager, going through some very difficult times that have made him quite vulnerable. This past year he has had frequent sightings of the shadow people in his room. A couple of nights ago, he heard the floor board creak behind him. When he turned round, a large black figure…black as oil…was standing right behind him. There has also been strange things happening in the house. The day we moved in, our second run to move furniture, when we came back the door was locked from the inside on the dead lock. We have cupboard doors open and knocking. I need to find a way to protect him! Please any advice will be very much appreciated.

  22. Hey I’ve been looking for somewhere to post this. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate place. But a few nights ago there was what I understand from my research a scary shadow person next to my bed. Since then I’ve been having terribly in appropriate dreams I’m not sure what to do.

  23. I know this sounds weird but my friend who I had a crush on has been having the same type as dreams but the frist one she had he was across the room the next he was about halfway across the room and the latest one he was beside her then she fell asleep at school yesterday on November 2nd 2016 and he said his name was Toriel or something like that please help she is afraid to sleep now about I care for her and want nothing to happen if possible I would literally like somehow transfer that dude to haunt me instead of her

  24. my boyfriend is going through alot right now. he says he sees these shadow people at the foot of the bed and he can’t move . when he finally can move it leaves. i dont see them. he is not sleeping alot and is under alot of stress.. any suggestions..

  25. Hi my 7 year old daughter has been seeing black figures and white figures she has also been hearing them call her name this has been going on since she was 3 years old… I do belive in ghosts but my husband does not he tells me im feeding into it and its all just her imagination. Im curious as to what they are and how can i get rid if them its hard not being able to protect your child from something you dont see.

  26. I have been having trouble with the shadow people for about 12 years now,and it started with moving,and my dreamcatcher. Me and my kids have nearly been killed by these “shadows”,and we also suffer the paralysis during the time its doing watever it does. But for 5 yrs,every nite,it would move my kids out of their beds to lounge room,and we were paralyzed to do anything. Then I had a dream that told me to take dream catcher down,and it would stop. So I did,and it did. 10 yrs later,I bought a new dreamcatcher. Same thing happened,but worse. And I can’t dream without one. Id like to know if there’s anything I can do to cleanse a dreamcatcher.

    • I have read that you do have to do a specific ritual when you put up a dream catcher. Don’t know if this will help, but make sure it’s an authentic dream catcher and make sure you do the ritual before putting up. Also, I believe a dream catcher only works for one cause. Such as to cleanse one specific area of negative energy…. If you wanted to keep away bad dreams for you and your kids. You would each need your own each need the ritual when put up, and need to be placed above the individual sleep area.

    • im sorry but what you are experincing is not a shadow being. that is a dark and evil spirit,demon even,Angels can appear in your dreams to protect you thats why the spirit wants you to take the dreamcatcher down.DO NOT take the dream catcher down,buy some sage and cleance you,your kids,the house and the dream catcher also open every window and door in the house,draw a ring of salt around you and your kids then tell it to leave but dont ask yell and make sure it knows you are not afraid.If this does not work seek professional help. Good luck x

  27. We’ve been having trouble with them since my son was born. He sees them more than me and is TERRIFIED, from all accounts I’ve heard they’re attracted to bad stuff, but I’m not sure. They haven’t hurt me so far but I know they’ve been around my boy a lot (had to walk through one to get to him once, most terrifying experience ever). I’d love to know what to do as well because they are starting to show up during the day now.

    • They have a special forum over at Paranormalsoup.com/forums ……Click on “need help with a haunting?” And they have help for people that are going through a bad haunting. Best of luck to you!

  28. I have been seeing mine since I was about 5 yes old and just had an experience with it where I could no move at all. That scared the hell out of me. I think know what causes them to appear might help us at point. But I haven’t found anything yet. I just want mine to be gone and not come back.

  29. From the experiences I’ve had with whatever it is-as well as talking to people over the years who have also experienced similar situations… All I know is once you see it-it will always come back. I first seen this thing in the living room after falling asleep on the couch when I was 7. I woke up to the sound of dice(don’t know what the sound was because we didnt have any dice) when I looked over the figure had the physique of my cousin and I couldn’t understand what my cousin was doing sitting in the dark(we had blackout drapes and it was dark) and what was making that noise. When I looked, i could see the shape move as though looking at me. Then I saw eyes, that weren’t really eyes. They were small and green with almost a lighter shade of dark haze covering or something. Like green glowing through a black colored linen almost. I got scared and quickly covered my head with the Afgan my mother left me covered with. The kind your grandma knits and always has big wholes for decoration in it. I could see through the wholes clearly as the figure stood up and walked over to the side of the couch and stared back at me. I knew it could see me but I just layer there paralyzed. Then after a moment or so( at 7 it felt like an hour) it walked away into the window area. I didn’t want to move even after I was able because I thought it was hiding behind the drapes. So I waited a while(seemed like ages) finally I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to my mothers bed…, after that whatever it was would return to visit me in cluster like visits… every night for a week maybe-nothing for a year , then back for days, gone for a week and so on… until my last encounter would be 2 years ago in November… This one takes the cake over anything before because I didn’t see the shadow-But I knew it was there because I was laying on my bed and felt the pins and needles start flowing through my body… I tried to wake up but Couldn’t. What was different from the very start was that it wasn’t dark, the lights were on and I had fallen asleep while arguing with my boyfriend. So he was awake and in the room, I could hear him still mumbling off BS a few words at a time… but not like conversating-more to himself so it was a literal couple words at a time… anyways I knew he was still in the room, I heard him leave the room right as the paralysis started. I couldn’t see the shadow and I don’t know if my eyes were open or not but I could see the pillow aside me and I realized I was out of air and couldn’t breath… I had forgotten how to breath every other time it came but before I was able to focus enough energy on breathing that I could work through that part until it was over(but not this time) I couldn’t breath I was out of air… I started to panic- Then I heard my boyfriend come in again… I managed to flip to by back and pushed every bit of energy that I had into a scream that could barely be heard. My boyfriend said my name and I woke just enough to flip to my side which now had me wrapped in the blanket like a rolled taco… I fell back into it again- still couldn’t breath, now rolled up and would not be able to move even if I managed to find enough energy to force it..I started trying to yell but no sound, my chest was heavy and I started flopping like a fish – my mouth was moving even though I had no sound- I managed to lip the words help me, help me… my boyfriend asked are you for real or are you just fuking around? I loped again HELP ME , I was still flapping like a fish, so my body was not paralyzed like before but I couldn’t breath— it was like I couldn’t breath from the throats down… I lopes HELP ME one more time and my boyfriend jumped on the bed and grabbed my wrapped shoulder and yelled my name… Finally I jumped up into a half a sit-up position and gasped the biggest gasp for air I’ve ever done or even seen anyone else do in my whole life. I couldn’t see the shadow, the lights were on, my boyfriend was wide awake and in the room.. but whatever it was had managed to get me to wrap myself up into an extra layer of immobility and started choking me!
    After that my boyfriend started seeing the dream of the shadow man. I haven’t seen it since. All I know is, it’s not just a shadow in the night. It comes whenever it wants to and apparently has the ability to really hurt us if it wants to. I also need to find out how to rid this thing from my life

  30. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis in certain locations and in certain situations.
    A book on the occult a girlfriend brought home resulted in a strong series of sleep paralysis experiences with images of strange creatures in my dreams. I only discovered the book after having the dreams, after which I made her return it. The dreams still happened for a while after that. A book on demonology I checked out from the library had the same effect–a shadowy figure with a shifting face approached me in the night. I brushed it off with a “nuh-uh!” and went back to sleep and took the book back the next day. Similar dreams happened again but eventually stopped. I would experience sleep paralysis under a particular tree I would camp out under, though it wasn’t often, and in a particular hotel room I stayed in for a certain duration. The force that appeared in the dream at the latter location was more of an unsettling annoyance and not severe.
    I’ve read that shadow and other entities feed on fear, so getting worked up about the experiences is counter-productive. It’s like crying in front of a schoolyard bully–don’t let it psych you out.


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