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How to get rid of negative energy?

Because for ten years I was in company with my negative grandmother, she has influenced me with negative energy. Now I cannot back to normal life because I only think about old age, death and I am frustrated. How to be again positive and enjoy life?


  • Just live your own life…I was in a cloud of drugs for 9 yrs. and I thought I’d never quit. Then I met my girlfriend and because of her I’m clean and i’m happier than I could ever remember.

    Remind yourself that all those negative thoughts aren’t yours; they’re your grandmothers. Misery loves company, but you always have the choice to get up and leave. OWN YOUR LIFE…think about what life means to you and all the things you want to accomplish. Start w/ little goals that you can easily accomplish and build from there. Surround yourself w/ positive people.

  • Your grandmother -my parent’s .I remind myself that my life is just that.I have my own beliefs and opinoins and need to enjoy and lve it tiill it’s fullest. Don’t dwell.Misery loved company and u r not it’s prisioner.Do the opposite of what u’ve done the last 10 yrs. Be positive!Think positve and act your age- go get em!!

  • exercise, bubble baths, something artistic to express your emotions(painting/drawing, learning an instrument, writing)

  • Start by watching comedies…. Look at different types of magazines, and read the news online. You have to retrain your brain buddy. I know what you mean here… I use to ride to work with this man, and by the time we hit work… I WAS READY TO TURN AROUND AND GO HOME!!! The whole way to work he would bitch and moan… Just start off slow. You need to learn to laugh again, and also join one of the great yahoo groups online. We all love to listen. Thanks. Hope this helps.

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