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How to get over self consciousness of dancing?

I’d love to go dancing with my girlfriend, I feel the urge to move when a good song comes on, but I just feel self-conscious about it because I have no idea how to dance. I just move with the music & feel like a lame white guy lol
Any suggestions or advice, other than dance lessons or alcohol? 🙂 Thanks.


  1. just DANCE. who cares if you look like an idiot, just tell her you dont know how to dance… but your gonna dance. 😀 its more fun that way, trust me i dance like a fool/spaz and its loads of fun, unless you hurt urself o.o be a lil careful.

  2. haha i was totally going to say alchohol. then i read you didnt want to hear that. the only way to get over it, either a) learn to dance properly so then you know how to dance, or b, just dont think about it. just move. watch other people. trust me, half the people on the floor feel the same as you, and are watching others.
    or, i know u dont wanna hear it, but alchohol works pretty good too. hahaha

  3. First of all, don’t refer to yourself as a “lame white guy.” I’m white, I’ve been ballroom dancing for years, and Whites invented Waltz and Foxtrot and a few others, and we do it as good or better than anyone.
    You can go take lessons in various formal dances like west coast swing, east coast swing, etc.
    Or, you can just practice with your girlfriend at home until you feel like you have something.


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