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How to get involved in Native American Teachings / Rituals?

I’m a real young guy, but always been a very balanced soul, my spiritual path is deeply part of who I am. I recently got some information quote ” We recommend that you intend that the native american teachings come your way. Begin to explore them through sweatlodges, drumming, dancing, and so on. This will awaken many things in you and teach you much about the earth, you are coded to ritual; when you perfom ritual your body begins to remember who you are and what you know ” this information comes from a highly respective source, so don’t bother responding if you don’t understand. So I wish to look into this advice. I have much respect for the earth & myself, I have always been drawn to Indian culture (maybe a past life). Though my question and problem is, I’d rather not go to a teacher ( native or not )trying to get profit, who hardly knows the real knowledge, but get involved in the true teachings and rituals from someone or a community or organization that knows what they are talking about. Problem I see it is though, that most of the true knowledge is only given to full-blood native americans if even that, & I know most of them specially now adays try to keep to themselves, specially with their beliefs, rituals, and teachings (I would think). So how would I start looking? I’d rather not learn from a book, any suggestions? People or places I should look into?


  1. Canadian aboriginals have Pow-wows that they invite the public to on a regular basis ( the Six Nations had one at the end of July).
    That’s a good place to start, as they’re likely to be in the mood to discuss their rituals more freely with you.
    I would imagine that other bands would hold pow-wows as well – you could contact some reserves and see what info they can provide.
    I strongly suggest that you do NOT go through the government on this – they’re pretty messed up when it comes to aboriginals – go to the source.

  2. Go into the wild and try and figure out your own spiritual path on the baseline of that.
    All native American tribal teachings are differential in terms of spirituality, but have a common basis of nature and earth. I think you must understand that’s how you have to go about finding out more information, that is, by not conforming to one tribe because it is “true” or “ancient” but by what teachings feel right with you and your personality.

  3. depends on where you live, look at the Dept of the Interior website to find native American representatives in your area or the FBI (they are the agency responsible for US/Native American relations)

  4. The FBI has nothing to do with Native affairs except to screw things up – google Leonard Peltier for just one example. You may want to check out shamanism (Colleen Deatsman).

  5. There are many powwows throughout the U.S., if that’s where you are. But don’t be offended if people resist your wanting to pry into their spirituality and don’t want to discuss it. That’s rather private stuff, and for some people it may be a common annoyance.
    But what tribe would you ‘take’ it from if you aren’t part of it’s people, culture, and ways?
    A “highly respective source” or not, they still generalized. And given the diversity, a generalization isn’t going to cut it.
    They are not the only people to ever have that kind of spirituality, there is no need to cling to them specifically. Many worldwide have danced, drummed, etc. You are perfectly free to find your own path that you feel is right for you and it very well may have similarities in some things. Maybe a camping trip off by yourself would be a good start. Maybe a drum if you like, and listen to the surroundings and see what it has to say.


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