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how to get into buddhism?

ive been looking into becoming a buddhist. i grew up knowing a bit about it, my grandmother used to have many buddha statues all around her home. i want to learn more about buddhism and become a modern day buddhist. i am 14 years old.
i visited a small tibetan shop on st marks place nyc earlier this week it was lovely ive been there many many times but this time i had a great conversation with the owner about buddhim. its a beautiful way of life and ive been interested about it for the longest and this time im gonna actually do it.
im moving next week and im looking into having a lovely shrine, i have many nice figurines, of buddha and ganesh. and a beautiful statue of buddha that my grandmother owned for yeeeears. what are some ideas i can use, and how can i set up my shrine?
ive learned a few meditation chants. but i havent found nirvana.
just to let you know im totally serious about this, im not some stupid careless teen who wants to be a zen buddhist to be cool or for some hipster crap.
thanks so much!


  1. To get into buddhism you need to read books about it and ask buddhist about the religion.
    Buddhism doesn’t have a holy book like Islam, judaism or Christianity.
    Keep in mind that the dalai lama is a fraud and not the real leader of Buddhism. He’s just a lunatic bent on gaining power.
    I recommend that you buy the book “What the Buddha Taught”. You could probably find it on websites like Amazon.

  2. Just type into your browser “The History of Buddhism” and go surfing. All the links are there. I’m sure that you will find your answer. Good Luck ! ! ! !

  3. You have to convert in order to join the “sangh” (organisation of Buddhism). You have to visit a Buddhist monastery for that and depending on the sect you might have to serve as a monk for some time. Also Lord Ganesh is the Hindu God of luck and good fate. He isn’t associated to Hinduism in any way what so ever. One may even say that Buddhism is a part of Hinduism but many Buddhists beg to differ. Also 14 is a bit too young for any kind of religion conversion. A sensible person coverts to another religion after a lot of philosophical research. I suggest you wait for a few years.
    @Aztec Warior: Are you out of your MIND? Dalai Lama isn’t a fraud you moron! Are you a Chinese fellow disguised as a Latino? lol Dalai Lama is considered as an outlaw in China because technically he’s a Chinese citizen yet he’s a religious leader. And China, which is communist country shuns religion! He cries along with all the suffering Tibetans that were forced to leave their home after Chinese acquisition! WHAT A POWER HUNGRY GUY HE IS! ISN’T IT?

  4. Start reading web sites like this one:
    Only you decide if you are a Buddhist or not. You do not have to join a sect, or even associate with other Buddhist if you chose not to. When I was in the military, one day I went to the CBPO, and told them I wanted to change my religious preference. They printed up new “dog tags” that said Buddhist under my religion. For purposes of the military I became a Buddhist on that day.
    To some Buddhism is a religion. To some it is a Philosophy. For me it is Therapy. It was the only thing that cured me after 17 years of PTSD from the first gulf war.
    If you are a Buddhist, GOD is optional. You do not have to believe in anything except for yourself.
    Idols do not necessarily make you a Buddhist. They are cool to look at, and they remind you to “Keep Your Center”. I have an “Ahum” taped to my monitor on my desk. It is there to remind me to “keep my center” and not to speak my mind to certain morons that I work with.

  5. Well I can’t explain everything but Buddhism is a way of living life. And I hope you know that it’s atheistic. There are the five principles that Buddhist should follow.
    1. Abstinence from killing all forms of life
    2. Abstinence from sexual misconduct (Bigamy, being faithful to your partner is expected)
    3. Abstinence from lies and deceit
    4. Abstinence from theft
    5. Abstinence from intoxicants (Alcohol, smoking)
    This is what a normal Buddhist would follow. I suggest you Google Buddhist principals 🙂

  6. I do not know whether you know Chinese,if u know chinese it is easy,I can give u book or the web sites of learning buddhism……Are u in USA? There is a website ,maybe helpful to you…http://www.drba.org/ DHARMA REALM BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION …There are many buddhists learning there…..hope it it helpful to you “`

  7. Read this one and assume you are personally seeing the Buddha.
    This is about universal kindness for a Buddhist
    Grow up first and when you grow up, go and see an abbot at certain monastery you can reach and ask him if you can become a Buddhist.
    For now try to know who the Buddha really is http://www.buddhanet.net/bud_ltc.htm
    In general, a person should avoid: killing, lying to, stealing, sexual foul, and intoxication. These are to avoid harms on others and oneself.
    These are just sharing what I know.

  8. you r such a fool that u r wandering for sth that is in u. buddha means to be fully awake like a child or when u r having a kiss or in any life death situation. all the beings r from the very beginning the buddha. society destroys our sensitivity and awareness. no animal or newly married couple asks for becoming a buddha. awareness is the only thing that can get a feel of nirvana. you have to be tremendously aware to live totally in this jungle of world. u hav this feeling to hav another form of ego trip. i for last 10 yrs wanted to become a buddha. but when i reached that state of nirvana it was absolute emptiness , of complete egolessness,of complete self forgetfullness,of just being a pure witness of whatever is happening around u. i can make u see the way to become a buddha as a frnd but are u ready for it because it takes so much courage to live right way of life. you hav to leave the past every moment. my id is saurabhzero@yahoo.com and phone no is 9717810669 delhi india


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