Sunday, September 26, 2021

How to get deep concentration in my Meditation?

I don’t get any concentration or feel anything i feel like im just sitting there.
John you and all other answers like yours will be ignored* FOOL.


  1. Don’t pay attention to thoughts, images, or sounds – don’t ignore them…just stop caring about what your thoughts are. Pretend like they are a tv show that you are just watching as an outsider.
    Instead, Focus on “feeling”…Its kind of like little vibrations in your body, after a while your whole body will start to feel more “alive” and every breath, heartbeat, sound or picture will become much more vivid. To practice, try to “feel” inside your skull, pretend like you can feel the blood rushing up to the top of your head, from your spine to your skull, from your eye sockets to your forehead. Other people focus on their abdomen or their solar-plexus. These feelings are the “qui” or “chakra” flow of “energy.” But really i think its just the feeling your brain sending out electrical impulses, and of your body producing endorphins.
    Also learn about how the human mind functions, then you can figure out how to relax your thoughts when you meditate.
    Sometimes when progressing to a deep state there can be emotional upheaval, and all sorts of beasts will come out of the closet to torment your mind when you meditate…the secret is not to resist them but actually try and look at them. Somtimes there is also is a short “shock” that your body might experience when going deeper.
    Find a good reason to meditate…to me, i want to “feel relaxed and free of anxiety all the time.” Practice, and focus on your technique itself rather than on the outcome of it.

  2. Easier said than done. Have been trying for quite some time but have been unable to let go, have always stopped short, it’s a scary sort of feeling. Just some feeling that if I let go, will I be able to come back. Maybe some day.

  3. There are a couple of different meditations you can try. One is just to stare at an object (like a candle flame) for a while then close your eyes & focus on seeing the object with your closed eyes as long as you can. The idea is to get you to focus on only one thing.
    Another meditation is you picture yourself at the bottom of the ocean & each of your thoughts, worries etc is a bubble. One by one watch each bubble float up from you & reach the surface & disappear until you have no worries left.
    There is one where you count down 10 to 1 & picture each number as a different colour & if you can get through all ten then by the time you reach the end then you are in a deep meditative state.
    I have never been able to meditate successfully. I can never clear my mind. I’m too easily distracted & I think way too much. I used to do yoga. I would sit in the lotus position & try to clear my mind & focus on my breathing but I could never concentrate long enough. My yoga book said “if you feel your mind start to wander then bring it back gently & firmly to the meditation.” How the heck do you do that?!
    Well if you find out, let me know! I think it just takes a lot of practice & I get frustrated & give up too easily. I should start doing yoga again & start to meditate. Apparently once you can meditate well you may even develop psychic abilities. You open up a whole level of your mind that we don’t normally have access to. So that would be cool.
    Some people try chanting a mantra of some kind. You could keep saying a word or phrase that makes you feel calm…
    Try starting off simple. Just take deep breaths & focus on your breathing until you’re relaxed & then picture a black screen. Oh yeah, that was another meditation: picture you’re in a theatre looking at the screen & then you see the numbers appear on the screen from 1 to 10 (I can’t remember which colours go with which letters. I’ll have to look that up again…)
    Anyway, I’m babbling!
    Good luck!


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