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How to get back your faith after falling away?

I’m a teenager in high school, struggling to maintain my faith. I feel as if he isn’t real anymore, as if he’s just like Santa or some other madeup person that we use to comfort ourselves; an imaginary friend for adults. After months of questioning, I’m so confused. How do I know he is real (I’m not really interested in the whole prove God through everything)? I feel as if I have to lie to myself to motivate myself to action… What can be said to help me through this spiritual crisis? Please no circular arguments.


  1. just think about it. take a day a week end or even if you can a full week and think about what you believe. and as much as possible cont lie to your self. you will come to a concussion.

  2. Read Pascals wager, there are thousands of religions, and only one can be true. What are your chances? Why not look throught the fog and see there is no religion that is true? Why should we be expected to know which religion is true “or else”?

  3. I went through a similar phase in my life (I’m a humanist now). I think the important thing to do right now is to go to the nearest book store or library and learn about other religions. Everything you can, Shinto to Islam, Buddhism to Jainism, Hinduism to Judaism. Honestly, search everywhere. But honestly when that’s all done, just follow your heart and use your brain. Do what you want done to you, and just try to live a good fulfilling life. Be happy, but not at others expense.

  4. You’re now on a square where you may choose any one of many paths to go.
    You should now, first, connect yourself to the Power that created you, as, without it, you can’t know the meaning of your Life.
    To achieve this you should come to Sahaja Yoga.
    Sahaja Yoga is the Only Gateway for you to connect yourself to the God who has created you.
    Sahaja Yoga then will enable all the BEST in you. Sahaja Yoga is the Only Gateway to the Kingdom of God and is the Culmination of all the Religions and Spiritual Traditions of World.
    Goto http://www.sahajayoga.org to attain your Self Realization and find a Sahaja Yoga Center to goto.
    Sahaja Yoga is the Mahaa Yoga.

  5. I would suggest you read the biography of Mother Theresa. She struggled with the same thing for 50 years. You can pick up a load of information on this subject. Always remember that faith is a gift from God. It’s not something you can buy or earn. Good luck and hang in there.

  6. God is real. I know that your not even born again. Because God revels him self to you. Read the Gospel written by John the Apostle. Ch.14 God keeps you from falling through his Spirit and his word. One of the fruit of the Spirit is faith. Galatians ch 5. God is truth. What did you turn from to follow Jesus? Read his word because your begotten again through God’s word. Faith Comes hear the word. Read his word daily. You read the word of God and believe. God said to me not to long ago that he will kill all the grass ever wheres in the place i live and he did and is killing the rest. He helps you with your faith like that. Believe. God is a loving God. Remember that , he want to give eturnal life to who calls on him through his Son Jesus Christ. Be real and true and repent. Call on his name. Repent from unrighteousness and unGodly deeds turn from what he hates. 1John 2 Do his will. Jesus says in matthew not everyone that says to me Lord Lord, will enter the kingdom of God, but he that does my Father’s will which is in heaven. Call on him wanting to do righteousness.


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