how to get back into magick/occult??





i used to be into magick and the occult a while back, but lately i’ve been arguing with myself the materialistic/dualism world views.. im going to give the occult another try. i have a base knowledge of things, and a copy of “magick in theroy and practice” by crowley. what else would you reccomend for a newbie in the field?? thnks soo much in advance?


  1. There are alot of good books out there, but becareful as well. A lot of the authors publish stuff, just for the sake of getting their name on a cover. Use your judgement and go from there.
    When I started into the occult 13 years ago, I started off with Silver Ravenwolf’s books. Her soiltary Witch: Book of Shadows, I still go back to use for referance. Also Phyllis Currott, Edain McCoy, Gerina Dunwhich, and Power Spellcraft for Life by Arin Murphey-Hiscock would be a good start. Also Gerald Gardners got a few good one out there if you want a more serious path.
    Hope this helps. And Good Luck in your path.
    Also to all those people who had responded, this person is just asking how to get started. You can’t tell him that he shouldn’t do it, just because you feel that it’s not for you. Don’t be so biased and judgemental. There are many religions out there and not every one feels like the other in religous view points. I certainly don’t!

  2. The bible tells us to stay away from things like fortune tellers,ouija boards, magicians, all that occult stuff. There really are evil spirits roaming the earth looking for someone to possess. When you get involved in those things, that’s exactly what you are doing. I know this from first hand experience. My sister used to do ‘automatic writing’ (going into a trance and letting a so called spirit write, through her). She always got what appeared to be intelligent information on the paper, but we did prove it to be a bunch of lies. Those evil spirits can be so cunning(they are of satan), they can even make you feel that they really really care for you, love you, all the while, they are laughing at your folly, knowing good and well that they are getting you into satans grasp. I am SO THANKFUL to God for seeing me through SUCH STUPID TIMES in my life! Now that I have studied the bible, and know about these things, you couldn’t pay me to touch a ouija board or get involved in any of those occult subjects. Jesus does warn of this in the bible so take heed if you are a believer, if not, then GOOD LUCK because you are going to need it 🙁

  3. study read a lot and look into as much as you can take things in with a open mind but realize that not everything you read is going to be true so take notes and compare…be wary of the fluffy side and all the glitter for most of it is untrue, and don’t listen to the ones that down things…if its for you you will be drawn to it if not then so be it and you will find your way but don’t let anybody tell you what your way is find it on your own be it magic, nature, god, whatever.

  4. The best thing to do first and formost is get back in touch with the earth. weather it be walking through the forest or riding a horse. meditate with the suroundings of the mother. there you will find the truth in what you can do. she will not seek you out, you must find her. Then go from there. Remember magick is a science and not simply mumbling of words, it takes time to learn the many herbs and the way language affects its outcome.
    and on further note anyone can tell you that their religous beliefs are right and that it will give you purity and whaterver but magick does not gaurantee Purity or even evil. nature is both and so is magick. for every action there is a reaction just because you think your doing good doesnt mean you will get good back. take caution and dont practice magick until you are absolutly informed and never do anything to anyone unless you would do it to yourself first.

  5. If magic worked in some reliable, predictable fashion, and casting spells was like preparing recipies… materialistic science would have mapped out the supposedly mystical centuries ago and they’d offer courses in it at mainstream universities.
    Best case scenario, magic is imaginary.
    In the extremely unlikely case it really exists, it’s obviously not something that can be controlled.

  6. I’d recommend giving Christianity a chance…I’ll guarantee you that if you live by what the Bible says…you’ll have the best life ever because Jesus came so that we can have life and have it to the fullest.
    A lot of people think Christianity is a bunch of rules that “hinder” us from fun. Christianity is all about a relationship with Jesus that in the end brings us great joy and true life!

  7. well..break out the dungeons and dragons..then go to walmart or toys are us and get a oiji maybe u can stop at the harry potter store and buy some majic potions and a funny pointed hat and cape…i bet they even have spell books and candles..ur on ur way..good luck with all

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