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How to get a job as a meditation / spiritual instructor?

I’ve studied and practiced various meditation techniques since I was young, especially Buddhist serenity meditation. Alot of people in my area ask me questions and come to me to learn, I was wondering, how could I make this into a career? or where can i get a job with this type of thign?


  1. Start your own class. Put up signs around town (in the post office, at the laundromat, at the mall…etc.)
    Find a peaceful place in a garden or in the woods near a stream and meditate there with your students.

  2. Maybe check out your local Buddhist organization.
    There’s actually one near where I live that I’m looking at taking a class from, and they have a link on their website to information on training to be an instructor.
    I would assume most places are always looking for people.

  3. ♥Cƒιzιкѕн♥ Eνιl Aтнєιѕт Iη¢υвυѕ™

    Start a class, find a place to hold it, and put up ads around your local town and online (craigslist, etc.)


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