How to get a job as a meditation / spiritual instructor?

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I’ve studied and practiced various meditation techniques since I was young, especially Buddhist serenity meditation. Alot of people in my area ask me questions and come to me to learn, I was wondering, how could I make this into a career? or where can i get a job with this type of thign?

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You better have a backup plan.


Move to California and check the want ads.

Durai R

You start of your own Class.

Goodbye, goodnight for good XxX

Start your own class. Put up signs around town (in the post office, at the laundromat, at the mall…etc.)
Find a peaceful place in a garden or in the woods near a stream and meditate there with your students.


Maybe check out your local Buddhist organization.
There’s actually one near where I live that I’m looking at taking a class from, and they have a link on their website to information on training to be an instructor.
I would assume most places are always looking for people.

♥Cƒιzιкѕн♥ Eνιl Aтнєιѕт Iη¢υвυѕ™

Start a class, find a place to hold it, and put up ads around your local town and online (craigslist, etc.)


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