Home Discussion Forum how to gather chi energy?

how to gather chi energy?

i want to know how to gather chi energy canany one help me


  1. go flip through books on Vampyrism (with the Y, in the religious section of borders)
    try meditating
    and look through wicca
    all these deal with energy work

  2. more specifically, understanding your surroundings, obviously youve got to learn how to breathe at a steady rate, relieve stress in your life, keep tension off of your body and your mind becomes stronger

  3. Chi (or Qi) is the energy life force that travels through channels in the body and directed by points some call Chakaras. (This definition by the way is a combination of Chinese and Hindu belief). Another more recognizable word that describes the self-same energy is Vitality.
    One way to increase your Vitality is to become healthy. This is the first step. When you are healthy, your energy flows more freely and builds up within the cells. You may amplify this flow through exercises such as Qi-Gong, or Tai chi, Or any of the martial sciences that work with focusing energy.
    Meditation does nothing to INCREASE energy. Meditation opens the channels and conditions the energy you already have. The appearance of more energy is a result of meditation, but in actuality, it is just more efficient use of it.
    Increasing Vitality is helpful before performing certain tasks. You may tap into natural sources of energy, such as Ley Lines and where they cross, if you have the proper sensitivity to find them.


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